10 Signs You Are A Bad Parent And 7 Ways You Can Fix It

Are you properly monitoring your child’s digital life? Do you use a parental control app to keep tabs on kids’ online activities? 

It is a challenging task for parents to nurture tech-savvy kids. Thus, you may sometimes indulge in detrimental parenting. Although, your actions and behavior are unintentional, yet it can damage a teen’s life and leave a long-lasting effect.

No matter how hard you try to be a good parent and try to fix things, you end with little success making you wonder, “Am I really a bad parent? However, you may not realize moments of bad parenting. Therefore, we make this post helpful for you with parenting tips, ways to fix bad tactics using Bit Guardian Parental Control, and much more.

So let’s get started.

What Actually Is Bad Parenting?

Bad parenting is multiple acts of inadequate nurturing that invariably harm the child’s demeanor and psychology. A parent may feel liable and try to reconcile, but it yields poor results.

More likely, parents do not realize their folly since the acts are unintentional or perhaps they are too busy to be an active parent. Below attributes and deeds can prove you, bad parents. Check it out here.

What Are The Indications Of Bad Parenting?

  • Lack of trust in children:

If your children did something wrong and acknowledged it, then to you scold them for committing a mistake. Do not forget that they are courageous to be truthful. No need to reprimand a child when they speak the truth.

  • Offending children in front of everyone:

Parents do not hesitate in castigating the younger one irrespective of people and place. Scolding teens in front of cousins, siblings, and even neighbors can cause harm to a child’s psychology.

  • Undesirable advice, less encouragement:

Parents often say to children, ‘wake up early for better grades’ – this advice can be presented in the form of encouragement like” ‘you are far more intelligent than you think. I will help you wake up early for your best performance and better grades.

  • Lack of love and affection:

Children try seeking attention by troubling parents with naughty tricks as they feel a lack of emotional connection and warmth from parents. Due to parent’s busy lives, they are unable to provide utmost care recognition to kids.

  • Comparison of demotivates teens and tweens:

It’s good to set a positive example for your child, but always comparing them with siblings or a kid next door is a sign of bad parenting.

  • Children are never offered a choice:

Parents often decide everything for kids, from school they learn about the clothes they wear. In this practice, parents tend to get rigid, and they forget to give a choice to children. This makes a lid yearn for everything, and going forward; they may not hesitate to steal it. 

  • Illustrating bad examples:

Kids practice good or bad habits from their parents. If you do not provide attention when your kid wants to share something, they will reciprocate the same.

  • Never acknowledging the achievements:

Expressing no joy or excitement when your child comes home beaming with pride about their win in a quiz makes them dull or demotivates their emotions. It is essential to pat the back of your child even if they achieve small things.

  • Giving grumpy responses:

A child needs compassion and comforting words; rather, you choose to respond abruptly, leaves the kid disappointed. Although children approach you multiple times, your stubborn response disheartens them.

  • Not respecting the child’s feelings:

Parents spend a lot of time in teaching good things but never spare a moment to respect children’s opinions and feelings. Any time a kid share something, you rule it out as gibberish and do not take it gravely.

To fix all the bad things with the right solution, follow below parenting tips:

How To Be A Better Parent?

  1. Refrain from screaming and striking a child:

Child’s tantrums and naughtiness provoke you to lose temper and yell at them. Even you won’t hesitate to slap them in front of kith and kins, which leaves a kid upset and wailing. However, you may feel sorry later, but the damage would have taken place.

Learn to control your outbursts. Explain the wrong deeds of kids more subtly and reasonably and be tough whenever required.

  1. Provide valid reasons for your instructions:

Children are not mature enough to understand the reason behind every instruction. Thus, as parents, it is your responsibility to make them understand with valid logic. 

If kids do not understand the logic behind good intentions and kid’s safety, they will oppose things and negatively take things.

  1. Set standard rules to post discussion:

If you define new rules, then make sure you convey it property to children. Say, for example, if your kid has a habit of spending excessive screen time, child monitoring is necessary by placing restrictions. Using the parental control app, you can set restrictions on app usage for children.

Thus, rather than imposing a set of rules, discuss it and make teens understand the need for it.

  1. Listen to what a child has to say:

This is an extremely important parenting tip to follow to become a good parent. Before you impose any parental control, make sure you listen to what kid has to say. It includes their narration of the day, pranks they did, and much more. Although all these sound trivial to you means a lot for kids.

Do not brush aside their talks; instead, appreciate the kid’s honesty and show some excitement. Teens who are rebuked for speaking the truth may eventually prefer telling a lie to save their skin.

  1. Be a good role model:

It is not incorrect to say that kids follow their parent’s footsteps. Teens learn healthy habits from parents and likely to adopt parent’s practices. Thus make sure you act wisely in front of teens and tweens. 

Set a positive example like not using cell phones during meals and sharing good and productive thoughts, teaching dining etiquettes, and much more. 

  1. Child monitoring is necessary:

In this tech-centric world, it is necessary to keep tabs on kids’ online activities. Hence, with the help of parental control applications, you can monitor and control teen’s online movements like places they visit, the time they spent on different apps, the content they view, and much more.

Kid’s safety app provides dual benefits to children and parents. Kids are saved from inappropriate online material, cyber threats, mishaps, etc. using this software, and parents can control the unnecessary use of mobile phones, apps, locate a child’s whereabouts, etc.

  1. Hands-on involvement of parents:

You are not just guardians of children, but also the one who teaches essential life values and goals. So it is important to build a healthy and admirable relationship with kids. Good emotional rapport helps in the healthy upbringing of the child.

So, do not follow paranoid or snowplow parenting behavior, rather be a wise and helpful parent for your kids. Apply the above parenting tactics and do install one of the most reliable parental control app to take care of your teen’s digital life.