Custom Sleeve Boxes is a unique way to present and promote your business and product in the market. Get your custom sleeve Boxes, Wholesale sleeve Packaging Boxes with Logo Made in Custom Shapes, sizes, and layouts. OXO offer quality and error-free packaging services with free shipping in all USA. Where quality never compromised. You can order them for any custom size, shapes and designs of products at OXO Packaging and we promise that we will create the accurate box to protect your product from any moving damages.

The sleeve boxes are the way to present products in an appropriate way. Many industries are getting these boxes for branding and to present their items in a different way. OXO Packaging any time available here to help our customers according to their requirements.

Save 40% on Hair Extension Boxes

Custom hair extension boxes play a vital role to promote your brand and enhance the value of your products. Choosing the right packaging company will affect your target marketing. OXO Packaging offers luxury hair extension, matte black hair extension, foldable hair extension, window hair extension and pillow hair extension boxes which are special types of the container which are used to display the hair extensions and influence the customer decision towards product purchasing.

Save 40% on Custom Kraft Boxes

Custom Kraft boxes in the packaging industry become the most user-friendly as well eco-friendly boxes among the many packaging products. These boxes are brown but with the help of high tech printing technology can print in several colors. The people who are conscious of the green environment these boxes become more and more popular and these boxes are available in various custom size, shape and colors.

Save 40% on Custom Burger Boxes

If you have a fast food restaurant? A food Truck? Or a Bakery? If your business requirement to hand out food in a box, OXO Packaging provides you the custom burger boxes, custom mini burger boxes that will give your company a whole brand new look. These boxes will be perfect to preserve and protect your food from external damage and keep the food fresh.

Save 40% on Custom Popcorn Boxes

Popcorns most liked among people of all ages. Most popcorn shops available near cinemas, stadium, and markets. Popcorn boxes easy to carry with handy and nice looking. People love to have popcorn boxes while watching the movie in the cinema or watching the match in the stadium. OXO Packaging helps the popcorn seller with the custom popcorn boxes printed with logo in wholesale at the affordable price.

Save 40% on Custom Pizza Boxes

Pizza is a product of the Italian cuisine and now recognized worldwide for its delectably mouthwatering and exotic flavoring, pizza is the trademark of the food industry. If you baked pizza and need to deliver in a good manner and fresh then we will help you here. OXO Packaging is the one famous in the food packaging industry for their customers to deliver custom pizza boxes with logo printed at the affordable price. OXO Customize box in any custom size and shape and print in different colors.


Save 40% on Custom Bakery Boxes

Get your boxes of bakery item e.g.

Custom Cupcake Boxes

Custom Muffin Boxes

Custom Cereal Boxes

Custom Burger Boxes

Custom Popcorn Boxes

Custom Donut Boxes

Custom Macaron Boxes

Custom Cookie Boxes

Custom Pastry Boxes

Custom Candy Boxes

Custom Chocolate Boxes

Custom Window Boxes

Order now and get up to 40% discount on these custom boxes.

Save 40% on Custom Printed Boxes

Present your products in the best light with OXO Packaging in custom printed boxes. Choose from our various custom options to make your products presentable. OXO Packaging makes it easy for brands to create eye-catching custom packaging. Order online and get boxes at the affordable prices and fastest turnaround.

Save 40% on custom cardboard boxes

For your shipping boxes, we manufacture custom cardboard boxes, without cost effect, die charges. OXO customize in any size and shape and print in desirable color with logo. OXO Customize for gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, bakery boxes and entertainment boxes. OXO specialize in the short run and long run orders and offer custom boxes in all quantities and any size and shape.

Save 40% on custom corrugated boxes

Custom Corrugated boxes designed are widely known for its durability and utility across the world. All over the world corrugated boxes are the first choice for transportation of many import and export products. View these boxes for your products, white corrugated boxes, dispenser corrugated, window corrugated boxes, corrugated envelopes, die cut corrugated. These boxes available at the affordable cheap prices with a fast turnaround in all USA.

Save 40% on Custom Gift Boxes

It’s not only the gift, but presentation matters a lot, it the custom packaging is great it would get admiration. Here custom gift boxes are the best option to pack a gift for loved ones. OXO Packaging uses promotional strategy, OXO offers gift card with custom gift boxes for the customer it becomes the reason for the popularity of your business and enhance sale and increase reputation among the general population.


Save 40% on Custom Retail Boxes

Custom design and manufactured custom retail boxes say more about the product than any other advertisement. OXO Packaging creates a custom design that matches your products and brand. OXO create high-quality custom retail packaging boxes with great customer support. Get custom products boxes in various custom size and shape at the affordable prices with error-free and fastest shipping all over the USA.

OXO Packaging is a manufacturing hub for all sorts of production printing and packaging boxes. Our designer team and printing press have all their roots in aesthetics and quality. Our designers make eye-catchy designs with attractive dimensional variants and internal fixers and fitments, perforations, UV, glossy and matte lamination and surfaces, and die-cut patterns are to fetch elite and style for your brand’s identity. 

The OXO Packaging provides the best solutions for any packaging needs, we are the professional with the technology, expertise and brainpower that you need for packaging.



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