3 Reasons Why Premium Web Hosting is better than Free Web Hosting

“When something is available for free, why pay for it!”

That is a general belief among people when it comes to freebies or something that can be procured free of charge. It applies to things as varied as written content, software, and even web hosting. However, this is a misconception that most people hold on and pass to others around them.

Which is why here, we take a look at the difference between free and paid web hosting and how your choice can have a major impact on the fortunes of your website or business.

Paid Web Hosting vs Free Web Hosting 

Generally speaking, a web hosting service that doesn’t charge you money is known as a free web hosting provider. Now there are two ways in which a free hosting provider earns money in the absence of subscription fees from customers. First, it supports compulsory ads on the websites of its subscribers. Second, it offers its hosting services with a whole set of restrictions and limitations on usage. While many consider the first point undesirable, it’s the second point that is capable of harming your website’s long-term health.

A premium hosting server, on the other hand, offers a number of advantages over its free counterpart while also giving a lot more freedom to the owner. Premium services also help boost visitor traffic to your website. Their other benefits include better website templates, more flexibility and a freer hand to control the website.

With a premium hosting provider, you also have the option of owning your domain and customizing your website just the way you want.

premium hosting server


Why it matters?

Let us look at why premium web hosting is a better option than free web hosting for your website.

  1. Bandwidth & Storage

No one likes to waste their time waiting for a webpage to load. In fact, most studies show that on average a visitor waits no more than two seconds for a page to fully load. Come to think of it, even you have quit sites in the past that did not load fast enough.

How the loading speed is related to the hosting, you may ask. Well, free hosting typically offers a low bandwidth which further allows a lower data transfers limit. Then there is also the restriction on disk storage space. None of these is an issue with premium hosting services. The money you pay the provider buys you premium bandwidth and significantly more storage space.

The end result is a website performance that is consistent and reliable. That means it is just as fast with 1,000 concurrent website visitors as it is with 100 concurrent visitors. Of course, these are only representational figures and the actual numbers depend on your website traffic and your hosting package.

      2. Simple Backup & Simpler Restore

For website owners, backing up the site daily is a very important task. A premium hosting service enables you to perform that task with just a few clicks. Furthermore, it also allows restoring the backed-up data for a minimum of 30 days.

Features like ‘click to backup’ are built into some premium hosting server providers, whereby you can back up the entire site before installing an update or making any other changes. So in case the update or change you made broke your site for some reason, you can simply restore the backed-up copy.

None of these advantages is available with free web hosting. While backing up your site is problematic enough with free hosting, restoring it is an even bigger hassle.

       3. Guarantee

The very nature of free hosting is such that you are never given any assurances or guarantees. That means nothing can be trusted 100%. For instance, if you made certain changes to your site and visited it again the next day to check on the alterations, it can happen that they have vanished.

Thankfully, that is just not the case with premium hosting services. Each and every change you make to your site is validated with foolproof verification and guarantee. This is why big businesses and brands tend to favor premium web hosting services over free ones.

There is also the security aspect worth considering. With a premium web hosting package, your site is protected by a strong firewall and other inbuilt security features to deal with different types of attacks.

As a bonus, there is the benefit of a higher search engine ranking. The type of hosting, its reliability and speed are all vital factors that are considered when a search engine like Google ranks your website. And only with paid premium web hosting can your site gain a higher ranking.

If you’d like to know more about premium Lancaster web hosting services, browse through our hosting packages today.

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