4 Expert Tips on Choosing Your Perfect Profile Picture for Dating Sites

In online dating, you have a much shorter span of time to impress the other. So, you have to be really on your toes with regard to everything, right from your profile, bio, messages, and even the display picture. The display picture plays a crucial role in grabbing a date online because this is the first thing a person notices about you in your profile. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to pick a photo that will easily capture the attention of the girls.

When it comes to social media, we pick shirtless gym pictures, duck selfies, and even apply tons of cartoonish, funny filters. However, your profile photo for a dating site must not include these; such photos might make your viewers halt at your profile for a minute, have a good laugh, or even get you a quick glance for a few seconds but it will definitely not be something that girls are looking for in their partners. So, here, we have put together a few expert tips on how to choose the perfect profile picture for such Chinese dating sites. Take a look.

1. Smile Bright

Nobody likes grumpy photos. So, make sure you put up a bright smile on your face while clicking a photo for such dating sites. Or if you already have a picture where you are smiling naturally, then you can also use that one for this purpose. Genuine, effortless, and happy smiles attract a lot more people than people who put on a fake expression with a lot attitude and swag.

2. Flaunt with Flair

The idea is to create a balance between vulgarity and hotness. So, choose a picture where you can flaunt your good body, if you have one of course, but don’t expose too much that makes it look like a hooker’s site. You can wear a nice fitted shirt while posing for the photo but just keep the first few buttons of the shirt open so that the beautiful ladies looking out for you can get a nice peek-a-boo of what’s inside.

3. Go for Full-body Shots

It is always better to put up a full body image as your display picture than just the face. It will allow the gorgeous girls to check you out better. And once they get a good view of your whole body, they might like to explore you better. Studies show that full-body photos get a lot more incoming messages than otherwise.

4. Give a Glimpse of Your Lifestyle

In the world of online dating, you have to be quick about showing what you have got. So, the best way of doing so is while you are putting up a handsome photo as your display picture, try to include a certain hobby or interest. For instance, if you love traveling, choose a photo against a breathtaking backdrop of a place that you had visited in the recent past. Or if you love to chill at the beach, you can also sport a nice photo taken on the beach. This will give the girls on the Chinese dating sites, a glimpse of your lifestyle, interests, and hobby.

Keep in mind that if your photos don’t look like you, you might have to be prepared with a possible answer on your actual first date in real life. So, make sure you have a real and honest profile picture that resembles your persona if you are looking to dating Chinese girl.

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