4 Signs that Shows It’s Time to Change Your Car Tires

Actually wheels are considered to be a very important part of our entire vehicle, that’s why we should take care of them regularly. Keep in mind that you need to have completed check and balance on the tires of your vehicle as it is the only part that will touch the roads so it will possibly face more wear and tear. Buying a new wheel might be a very costly investment for you that’s why you should prefer to maintain the wheels that you already have. Keep in mind that it is supposed to be getting affected with uneven surfaces and curb, grease, dirt, and dust. Here in this article we are discussing about signs that will start appearing on the surface of the wheels and tell you that yes its time to change the wheels of your vehicle.

1.  Prefer to check the tread depth:

While dealing with the wheels keep in mind that you have to always consider the tread safety as your top priority. Actually tread is present on your tires and you have to make sure that it will never fall below 2/32 of one inch. Sue to this your wheels will start responding to the adverse weather conditions just like rain or snow. Basically there are two ways for measuring the tread depth of your wheels, firstly you can you can buy a tire gauge from your local store or else you can use a penny.

2.  Check the tread wear indicator bar:

Another sign that will alarm you that your wheels need to be changed is its indicator bar. Actually these have made it much easier to know when you will have to change the wheels. Actually these indicator bars will consist of flat rubber bars that will be running all through the tires in the perpendicular direction of the tread. Keep in mind that if you will notice that more than one or two of the rubber bars are visible, then this will be indication that you need to change the wheels from Firestone tires near me. 

3.  Cracks in the Sidewall will start appearing:

Next thing that you should prefer to see as a sign of damaged tires is the cracks that are present on the sidewalls of the wheels. Actually it is very easy to spot these cracks but grooves can’t see well with the naked eye. Keep in mind that when you will notice the cracks present on the sidewalls it means it is directly effecting on the wheel pressure and leakage of air from the tires or else it could lead towards wheel blast. So these cracks might be considered as a sign that you need to change your wheels to get a smooth and safe drive. 

4.  Bulges and blisters will start appearing on the tire:

Another sign that will start appearing on the surface of the wheels is the bulges and blisters. Keep in mind that bulges and blister start appearing when the outer surface of the wheels will start getting weaker. So you should know that weak outer surface could lead towards having a sudden blow out or else it become a reason of causing an accident. So whenever you will notice these bugles and blisters on the outer surface of your tires, then you should prefer to change the wheels as soon as possible. 

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