4 Ways to Read Vehicle Tyre Size

Most people don‘t know about this, but tyre size mentioned on the tyre sidewall. But the problem is you should know that what those letters mean. So that’s why you should know the how to understand the meaning of letters written on tyres. Actually, these letters are indicating information about the tyre that include size, performance and its type. Here in this article we are discussing about ways to read vehicle tyre size.

Finding the Exact Type of the tyre:

As we all know that letter P wrote on the 4×4 Wheel Tyres In Birmingham so that actually indicate about the size of the tyre. Other than that it will indicate that you have P-Metric tire. That refers to certain standards of tyres used within the UK, and they are actually meant for Passenger vehicles.

Next if you notice that there is no letter written at the start of these letters, then it will indicate that you have a Euro metric tire. Basically, there are two types of tyres P-Metric and second one is a Euro-Metric tires. Basically, they use to load different capacities.

Other than that if you will notice that letter LT written at the start or at the end of the numbers, then it will indicate that you are using tyres meant for light trucks. Basically, this type of tyres requires higher inflation pressures as compared to passenger tires.

1.  Reading the Width of the Tyres:

The next thing that mentioned on the sidewall of tyres will be the width of the tyres. Keep in mind that width of tyres measured in millimetres from one side wall of tyre to another. So you should know that first three digit number mentioned on the tyre known as tire width.

2.  Reading the Aspect Ratio of Tyres:

The next thing that will be mentions on the sidewall of the tyre will be its aspect ratio. That is basically the height of cross-section of tyre to its width. So after the three digits of width next two numbers will indicate the aspect ratio of the tyre. Just like if the size of your tyre will be P215/65 R15 tire, then from this number 65 will mean the height of cross section tyres to the tire’s width.

3.  Knowing About the Construction of Tyre:

The next thing that you should know about the size of the tyre mentioned on the side wall of the wheel is about its construction. So the letter R has written on the sidewall actually stands for Radial. That will indicate about the layers which are running radially all across the tyre. 

4.  Reading About the Wheel Diameter:

Next there will be diametrically written on the wheels. That is actually measured from one end to another. Other than that it will also tell us the actual size of the wheel that will get fitted to the vehicle. So in the following size example of the tyre P215/65 R15 we can say that yes the diameter of this particular wheel will be 15 inches. So it will make it easy for you to know about the size of wheel that will get fitted perfectly on our vehicle.

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