5 Cleanest Cities Of India – Clean City must be Visit

India is a mystical land. It has different flavours immersed in different states. The land has got it all from history, art, culture and heritage. There are a lot of things that are worth seeing in this country. You can check the wild beauty of Kashmir while the majestic palace of Mysore.

Although, travelling across the length and breadth of this country, you will notice that cleanliness is a bit of a problem here. The government has taken steps in educating the citizens with the help of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. Slowly and gradually changes are happening in the country.

However, there are certain cities that are really clean and pretty. So,

here are the top 5 clean cities of India.

  • Mysore

The city is also known as Mysuru. It is considered as the city of palaces. Mysore has a different vibe to it and can be considered as one of the most flamboyant places in India. A lot of tourists visit the place every year. Although, it has been voted as one of the cleanest cities in India year after year. The city has good architecture, beautiful silk saris, ancient yoga centres, sandalwood products and royal heritage.

The government makes it a point to keep the city clean. Apart from that, the residents of Mysore are also aware of the cleanliness. The streets of the city are lined with trees which are 100 years old. Also, trash cans can be seen everywhere and information on environmental preservation is also put up.

  • Tiruchirapali

The city is located in Tamil nadu. This city is also following the strategies of Mysore. Tiruchirapali is also an ancient city which has a glorious history. It dates back to 3rd century B.C. The city used to be under the rule of Chola dynasty. The city has a lot of unique culture and traditions.

You will find a lot of old sites and temples there. Apart from that, the city has its own sport which is called as Jallikattu. They still do a bull taming event on the last day of Pongal. If you want to witness that, then visit during Pongal. Try luxury travel tour to India to explore heritage site , fort and place of india in luxurious way book tour on maharaja express and get unforgettable train journeys in your life.

  • Indore

Indore has developed drastically as a city. A lot of changes and modernisation has occurred over the last few years. Indore is overcrowded as a city yet it manages to top the list of clean cities in India every year. Indore actually topped the list in 2018 in a survey that was conducted by the government initiated Swach Bharat survey.

Indore is known for the best street food in India. Apart from that, the local markets have a lot of different textiles to shop from. They city has a rich cultural heritage and it is surely worth a visit.

  • Ahmedabad

It is one of the most important cities of Gujarat. It is rapidly growing and becoming an industrial hub and metropolis. The city is also an educational hub with a lot of prestigious institutes. Ahmedabad is rich in culture and heritage as well. It was also declared as the UNESCO World heritage site. Check out information about maharaja express to know how train covered UNESCO World heritage site for 7 days.

Hence, the government has taken a lot of measures to maintain and keep the city clean as it sees a lot of tourists every year. They had initiated a scheme for door to door garbage which was a huge success. It has some delicious food with some colourful textile to shop from. Visit the city during the kite festival to experience the local flavour.

  • Vijaywada

It is called as the place of victory and is situated in Andhra Pradesh. It was voted as the cleanest urban city in India by the government. It is situated on the banks of Krishna River and the place is filled with rich culture and heritage. The place contains some delicious fruits and sweets as well. Do not forget to try them.

Make sure to visit the Kondapalli fort, Gandhi stupa, Undavalli caves and Mogalarajapuram Caves. The city corporation puts in a lot of efforts to preserve environment and its heritage.


These were the top 5 clean cities of India. Almost all the states are making an effort to keep their cities clean. India has at least two tourist destinations in each state. Hence, domestic and international tourists visit every year. So, the government is striving to give a clean environment to the tourists and even the local residents.