6 Dos and Don’ts on How to Behave When Riding in a Taxi Reading

Whether you are hailing a cab in the big city or staying safe on the way home from a party, a taxicab is always a convenient option for you. With so many companies offering taxi services, getting a taxi that can meet your needs in the most effective way possible will not be daunting for you.

But only booking a taxi Reading or Heathrow from a reputable company is not enough. You also have to know how to behave when riding in a taxi. Here is what to do and what not to do when you are in a taxi.

  1. Don’t eat or drink in the car

If you get hungry during your trip and want to have some snacks, wait until you reach your destination. Food can get messy, especially when you are in a moving vehicle. Now, think about this from the perspective of the driver. Would you like to have smells, stains and crumbs in your workspace? Obviously not. Besides, any passengers riding after you will also have to deal with the aftermath of any spilled food or drink. So, keep these potential consequences in mind before you chow down.

  1. Do tip your driver for quality service

Tipping good drivers is one of the most crucial aspects things that passengers often forget. Unless you had a bad experience, it is expected that you will tip your driver between 15% to 20% of the fare. If the taxi driver has assisted you with loading your bags or went above and beyond in another way, the tip above 20%. Ensure to bring change with you so you are not left empty-handed after paying the fare.

  1. Don’t overshare with your driver

Polite conversation is always great. However, delivering into details about your personal life can turn a pleasant trip into an uncomfortable one. Besides, your safety is at stake when you provide too much information about you to a stranger. Talking as less as possible will lead to a better trip for all involved.

  1. Do be prepared for your cab when it comes

If you have booked the ride in advance, don’t leave the driver waiting. It is disrespectful, and they even leave you before you show up. Make sure to be at your specified pick-up point at least ten minutes in advance to ensure you are there when they arrive.

  1. Don’t be a backseat driver

Passengers often question the chosen route or provide turn-by-turn directions that can be distracting for the driver. Unless you are a hundred percent sure that they have chosen the wrong way, trust their judgment and let them do their job. If you are a little worried about your safety, use the map feature from your phone and follow them. It will help you to verify whether you are heading in the right direction or not.

  1. Do know your rights

Being a paying customer, you have rights the driver must adhere to. If they are on a phone call, you may ask them to hang up, as most states have laws against phone usage in cars, even with hands-free sets. The same goes for music and air conditioning. Being a customer, you can request it be changed or adjusted. Moreover, if you ever feel unsafe or the driver is not going where you want to be, it is within your right to request the taxi cab stop immediately. Keep this in mind that in this case, you should have a medallion number written down to file a complaint.

From the next time, you book a Reading to Heathrow taxi or a Reading taxi, keep these etiquette in mind and follow them well. Your behaviours reflect who you are.

Author bio: Ethan Brown is an experienced blogger on Reading to Heathrow taxi services. Here, he has pointed out how to behave in a taxi Reading.