Valentines Day

6 Valentine’s Day Films to See According to Your Dating Status


It’s time to get caught up on all your favorites. Whether you committed, hanging with the girls, or recently dropped, I have an ideal collection of films this Valentine’s Day to see.


1. The Official Valentine: “The Notebook”

It is official, you got a valentine! After a long time of being single on Valentine’s Day, then you got you! What better way to celebrate than to snuggle up and see the many cliché rom-com ever, “The Notebook.” This film will have you swooning, yelling, laughing and wanting you also can kiss Ryan Gosling from the rain.


2. The Independent Woman: “Sex and the City”

For the individual woman who is always yelling”I do not want a guy,” the fantastic Valentine’s Day film for you to see this season is”Sex and the City.” You do not require a guy or a sappy. Dig in the ice cream and then immerse yourself. Who needs a man when you have your own BFFs Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha to keep your business!


3. The Perpetual Dumper: “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

The dumper is endless. You appear to locate a reason, although you might not understand what you’re here. It’s like no man is good enough! You scroll through whatever relationship program you end up on this snag and then particular week guy after man.


You can’t make it before ghosting and becoming exhausted. This Valentine’s Day watch”How to Drop a Guy in 10 Days” This time you will use the information, although this classic is in the rom-com repertoire of each girl. Or you may dive into you never settle down deep and recognize that your Matthew McConaughey was facing you.


4. The Everyday Dater: “50 First Dates”

You are never certain where the relationship stands… you have been dating for months but can not appear to make it more official. The fantastic Valentine’s Day film to see will be”50 First Dates.” You will relate you can not appear to get yourself from. But the concept of a man hoping to make you fall in love does have a great ring to it.


5. The Recently Dumped: “John Tucker Must Die”

For the woman who had been broken up with, “John Tucker Must Die” is the best revenge rom-com that will have you wishing you had a woman group to plot with. If you are seeing your friends you will find some inspiration about the best way best to take your awful ex’s all down. You might think of getting Penn Badgley as a laboratory partner if revenge is not your thing.



6. The Buddy Zone: “13 Going on 30”

This film will have you questioning your friend that you have been ignoring for so long! But do not wait too long or you will lose out on your own pink dream home that is magical! Thus, pop some popcorn, grab some Razzles and place on”13 Going on 30″ for the fantastic Valentine’s Day.

If you are in a pinch or uncertain of the way you are going to invest your Valentine’s Day only violates these rom-com classics. Whether you are unmarried, or simply, in a relationship, there is a Valentine’s Day picture available for you.



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