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I was so horny for a big cock

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I was so horny for a big cock

Hi all, Glad you stopped by to read my first post.

I’m super excited about my new website and hope you all can support me so I can keep it going 🙂

As you may have read, this is going to be used as, sort of like a daily diary of some of the shenanigans I get up to.

So, over the weekend I decided to go on the hunt for a nice big fat cock to kill a craving I had. My pussy was itching for a thrashing.

I decided to get online and have a look at some of the personal ads on locanto. You know, the no strings attached ads.


After hunting around for a while, I spotted my target. I sent a msg and waited for a response. A few hours went by and nothing. No reply.

I was a bit let down, I got all excited and it became a no go.

On to the next one……but wait, my phone just pinged. Pins and needles went quivering down my spine. Could this be what i was waiting for?

No, false alarm.

By this time it was edging on 6 pm, should I go out and take a chance meeting someone, I thought what the hell, at least I’m certain I can score.

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