9 tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day without overspending

Are you part of the 79% of Americans who celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Perfect, have you calculated how much to invest? No? Then you should take a look at these recommendations from the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Service Users

For this February 14, men will spend an average of 1,334 dollars, while women will spend 833 dollars, according to an analysis mentioned by the financial regulator in a statement on Tuesday.

We recommend avoiding the excitement of shopping so as not to damage personal finances.

Smart shopping

1. Do not make impulse purchases. Compare prices and don’t choose the first option you see.

2. Be careful with advertising, as it can highlight and even exaggerate the goodness of a product.

3. Buy only what you need, avoid over-indebtedness and do not use credit to buy gifts outside your budget.

4. Don’t buy for the sake of buying. Think about the needs of your partner or loved one and what they like. Remember that the cost of the gift does not imply that the love is greater or lesser.

Will you make purchases with a credit card? Then…
5. Don’t lose sight of your credit card, ask for the Point of Sale (POS) terminal to be taken to your place and pay attention during collection.

6. Use plastic in properly established commercial sites.

7. Avoid giving card information to unauthorized people in the commercial establishment.

8. When you buy online, verify that the site is secure, check that the page starts with https:// and that it has a closed padlock in the address bar.

9. Keep your receipts for possible clarification of unrecognized charges.

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