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Through this article, I’ll cover the top 3 things to do before launching your online course. Once you are done with these 3 steps, then only you should focus on creating a course outline, actually creating a course & selling it!

Commit to creating a course

If you are reading this article then you surely want to create an online course.

If you haven’t done it before and just ran it through your mind recently, you must fully make up your mind first. 

Know that creating an online course is a long term commitment. Hence you must be ready for it. Setting up your mind so that you stay firm with your decision throughout is essential for your course’s success. 

So, commit to it – today.

Choose a Profitable Idea

Let’s get a little specific:

You can create a course on the topic you already know. In fact, you can choose to create a course about something you are only learning.

But in order to choose a specific idea, you have to make sure your idea is PROFITABLE. There is no point in spend time in creating a course only to find out later that no one wants to buy it.

In fact, this is the BIGGEST mistake first-time course creators make. They create a specific course without making sure that students actually want to learn about the topic they chose. Later on, they struggle to attract students!

Hence, I’ve got you covered. The FIRST lesson to finding out a profitable idea is this:

If someone has already created the course on your chosen topic, that’s GOOD NEWS!

In fact, you can refer to this killer article to find out 7 killer ways to validate your course topic idea

Test Your Idea

Once you test your idea using the tips above in the article, you want to make sure people would like to buy that course from YOU! 

So how do you do that?

I can think of one good way…

Testing Strategy: Create a Free, Mini Email-Course

Here’s what I mean: Rather than creating a massive course including videos or additional resources, simply create a mini-course. This should be the summary of your course. Or a topic maybe. 

But, make sure it a lot of value that people will want to pay you next time. 

You don’t need to spend a lot on a fancy course website. Just go to Spayee and sign up as a free user or take their basic plan which is cheap. Just deliver your course link in the emails. 

The best part is if you do this, you’re also building an email list of future students for all your PAID courses as well.

Further steps:

Create a Course Outline, record lectures & start promoting 

It’s daunting to create a multi-week course especially when you’re doing this for the first time. There’s massive content to create… And I am sure you want your content to be top-notch! Hence, the key to creating amazing course content is, to begin with, a clear course outline.