Evolution of Breakfast Cereal and Custom Packaging

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Breakfast cereal is a Pantry staple in most households. Cereals are such delectable treats that they’re no longer limited to just breakfast, you can eat them whenever you want. It’s been decades and cereal still remains one of the top five breakfasts in America. According to a survey, an average American devours 160 bowls of cereal per year.

History of cereal:

James Caleb Jackson, a religiously conservative vegetarian in 1863, invented cereal. The original product was made from dried Graham dough. The bits were so hard they had to be soaked in milk over a night. The cereal was called Granules. Kelloggs came up with an improved version of this product and named it granola.

In late 1900s kelloggs came up with corn flakes. The flakey cereal was an instant hit with the masses. Then came Puffed rice and puffed wheat cereals. Next big hit after puffed grains was Wheaties; roasted wheat bits that were rich in fiber. Rice crisps were close to the Wheaties and became equally popular.

In late 1900s Cheerios were introduced to the market that changed the course for breakfast cereals forever. There was no looking back now market is filled with so many flavors and types of this product that it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite.

Types of Cereals:

There are so many types of cereals available in the market Cheerios, flakes, crunches and wheaties each with its own benefits. Some are whole grain cereals rich in fiber and some are sugary treats; almost like eating candy for breakfast. The variety of cereals range from extremely yummy (yet not to healthy) Reese puffs to kellogs special k (adequate in taste but very healthy). There is fine line between healthy food and sweet indulgence and with cereals you never know when you end up crossing this line.

My favorite cereal was limited edition Oreo O’s, the company discontinued the product in 2007 but you can still buy it on ebay from South Korea. These were chocolaty, marshmallow centered; cookie cereal that came is very attractive custom cereal boxes.

Packaging of cereals:

With an extremely saturated industry such as cereals, transparency and honesty becomes one of the major concerns. Many companies are marketing their not so healthy products as healthy. False labelling and failure to mention any genetically modified of artificial ingredients is becoming a common practice.

Maintain brand identity can be quite difficult under these circumstances; the only solution to this problem is Custom cereal boxes. companies who invest in custom packaging for their cereal brand earn trust of the customers a lot sooner than those who don’t.

If you’re a cereal brand and want to establish market dominance over your competitors then start investing in custom packaging for your product. Gator packaging is one of the leading packaging companies with very economical wholesale rates. So get your desired custom cereal boxes at Gator Packaging at reasonable rates.