Four Different Types of The Wood Carving Process

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Wood carving is not a simple process as it requires lots of creativity and skills to perform this task. Years ago, the process of wood carving started, and sill this process is popularly practiced by the numbers of people all over. The Judas Tadeo wooden sculpture is one of the popular woods carving sculpture that represents the holy spirits descending upon St. Jude and the other Apostles at Pentecost. 

There are numbers of wooden carving types that result in the formation of the wooden image. The other popular and spiritual wooden carving sculpture is the beautiful Woodflair from PeruThis beautiful piece of art represents the infant Jesus, mother Mary, and father, Joseph. You would be able to see the different wooden sculptures that include the beautiful piece of art represent the part of our community that is the animals. 

Types of Wooden carving

Some of the popular types of wooden carving process are mentioned below:-

1. Chip carving is the process of removing or detaching small chips of the materials that are to be craved. 

2. Chainsaw carving is the carving process that combines beautiful art with modern technology. 

3. Love spoon carving is the romantic and a king gesture that takes the shape of a spoon. 

4. Relief carving is usually done by carving figures into a panel of flat woods to get a slightly projected shape from the background. 

Wooden carving is done in different ways that make the craving process unique, and the resulted sculpture beautiful.