Get Access to A Youthful Customer Base with Live Chat Support

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Live chat support has become the go-to medium to interact with customers visiting your website. When you have interactive chat support services integrated into your customer portal, the chances of converting a visit into sale increase manifold.

The Value of Chat Support Services for Youngsters

An average teen or 20-30 years old adult of today is far more likely to use chat support services than phone or email support. Hence, it is important that your Live Chat support is modeled for the young audience. Some important functionalities and characteristics of your chat support that will appeal to the youth are:

Quick answering of chats

Youth of today are patience-less. You can’t afford to have them wait for long in a chat queue. Always run a chat support that is ready to answer a chat the moment it arrives.

Screen sharing

Although youth of today are more tech savvy than any other age-old group, they prefer faster query resolution. A chat session that quickly transforms into a screen sharing session can simplify and expedite query resolution.

Self-help instructions

There are many youths who prefer an option to resolve their queries by themselves. So, you should have well-prepared self-help docs and canned responses. This way your agents or chat bots can instantly provide the relevant information to the customers without any delay.

Access Innovative Chat Support Services Via Outsourcing

Instead of getting into the nitty-gritty of the Live chat support services, it is best that you leave it to the expert. A fully-equipped and experienced vendor can offer you a pre-established process and help you reduce the costing as well. Below are some amazing advantages of outsourcing Live Chat support to a competent vendor:

Reduction in capital expense and no direct liability

The costs of new recruitments, training, management and procuring infrastructure add up to a hefty sum. Outsourcing allows you to reduce the capex. You only have to pay a periodic contractual fee and your chat support is taken care of by the vendor. To top it all, you do not even have to bear the liability of the process as the onus falls on the outsourcing vendor’s shoulder.

Cutting-edge chat support technology

Live Chat is an evolving field and there are frequent advancements happening in the core tech associated with chat support platforms. An outsourcing vendor solely focusses on the process, and hence it has the time and money to improve its already existing chat support framework. Do you know live chat software comes with analytics that can analyze agent time on chats and optimize their work performance? If an agent is found idle or wasting time, the chat software can alert the managers. Such technological innovations keep the process on the right track and bring in more efficiency.

Quality analysis

Due to the large number of chats in outsource live chat support services, it becomes very difficult to perform QA for all chats. Especially when you are handling this process in-house, it would be very difficult to maintain the quality standards when the chat volume increases. But with a capable outsourcing vendor, you do not have to worry. The managers, TLs and QAs in a well-settled chat support process are intuitive and have a sense of understanding of where things can go wrong. Therefore, they are able to monitor chats better, motivate chat agents and implement proactive measures to sustain the quality of the entire Live Chat support.

There is no doubt that outsourcing can offer tremendous advantage in running chat support services. Also, as the agents do not have to directly speak to the customers, the problems with accent and language (of foreign outsourced agents) are not really a barrier in chat support services.