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As Instagram is a well-known social media platform that many of us use it for social interaction. There are many people using it for business purposes and many also want to use it for business. However, they think that it is very difficult to use it for business purposes.

If you like, someone’s story or profile picture on Instagram and want to save it in your device, then you can download it by using an application or website. Gramvio is a popular website from where you can download your favorite story or profile picture easily.

So here, we discuss how someone can use it for business purpose that are very easy.


Initially you should have a business profile for doing business. To get this download the Instagram app from the play store if you are an android user, and from the App store if you are an IOS user.


After download and installing, create your business profile by providing your email id, phone number, address, and other necessary information. If you already have a simple account on Instagram and want to convert the same to the business profile, then it also can be done. A simple account can be converted to a business profile.


To convert the simple account to the business profile, open the Instagram app, go to your profile, then go on the top and tap on three lines, after this go to settings, then by tapping on account finally tap on switch to professional account.


You can also give a summary of your business that what is your business about. But make sure that your summary contains minimum words that are around 150 words. You can put this summary into your bio of the profile.



You should make your attractive so that users of the Instagram account come to your profile. You can do this by updating your profile picture according to your business.


Even that you can update your profile picture by uploading your business product picture. Similarly, you can upload your business product pictures to the Instagram story. The Instagram story remains for 24 hours and disappears after passing 24 hours.


Therefore, you can post multiple stories in the form of pictures and videos.

You make sure that the quality of pictures and videos is such that people see it with succulence. As Instagram is a visual social media platform, so the quality of pictures and videos matter for users or viewers. You can do this on your mobile phone instead of employing or contracting with a professional photographer. You can make picture quality better by using natural light. You can use some kind of filters to make your picture quality better. 


You can also tag your post with your followers. In this way, you can spread your products widely in a short time. Because your followers also have, their followers so when you tag them it will also show to them and they can watch your business products.


You can also use hashtags (#) that relate to your product. For this, you can use any sum of words or phrases related to your business products. So in this way you can promote your products.



These are necessary because it defines your business. After establishing your business profile and making it attractive for the users of Instagram, set your business goals and objectives.


These should be relevant to your business. For this, you can concern for some business management theories. One of these theories is the SMART framework. This SMART framework means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. 


After this, you should focus that your number of followers is increasing and with the number of followers, brand awareness is increasing with good commitment and engagement. You can track this by maintaining a record of followers’ date wise.