Important steps to make your web design accessible

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One of the major factors for a website to become successful is making it accessible to the maximum possible range of people. As a responsible member of the digital fraternity, Somnath Jadhav’s team makes it a point to have the website accessible in all terms possible. Accessibility benefits all users who know how to access the internet as well as for differently-abled people. Accessibility starts right from the design stage so that all the right features are inculcated from the incubation stage or the stage at which all the ideas are collected before actual work starts. At Somnath Jadhav, we create an accessible design that can be easily accessed by all including differently-abled like varying visual, hearing, mobility, or having different intellectual abilities. 

Below we present steps to make your website accessible in the real meaning of the term: 

  • Organize your content 

Smooth navigation holds one of the key elements to draw traffic through a seamless User Experience (UX). To enable this you should have a properly-organized content that can be easily interpreted by screen readers. Your headers should be placed correctly <H1>, <H2> etc. For anything which is other than the header creating a new CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will work well. 

  • Use your links wisely! 

Links point users in the right direction and find what they have been searching for. The only highlighting link does not suffice the purpose. Instead, use smart words and being descriptive enough for the users to persuade to click, holds the key. We first highlight the most unique content of the link and then make it attractive through the value proposition. One example is instead of simply saying “Click here for more details” you mention “We bring you exciting information here” and then give a hyperlink to the last word. At Somnath Jadhav, we have helped businesses grow by using the correct information and making using appropriate the users click by words that excite them and fulfill the purpose of their visit. We also keep in mind that links can be used by visually impaired users who use the screen readers to scan for links.   

  • Providing seamless navigation  

One of the main features to make your site accessible is to provide seamless navigation to all the users by making the website download faster, removing any links which are broken or damaged, reducing any legal risks or virus attacks, employing innovative tech, etc. Users will be able to find all the information they wanted and within the set time limit. Using smart technologies will also help in making web design accessible. At Somnath Jadhav, we use platforms like Drupal and WAVE to give users an enhanced experience through cutting edge solutions. 

  •  Optimize Objects Labels 

Mastering the use of HTML semantic markup is one of the most successful techniques to increase website accessibility. This “behind the scenes” catalyst always works well so that the readability, as well as text, flows appeal to a larger audience.  

  • A caption says it all! 

Well, we all know that hearing impairment captions are a great way to gauge the plot! But as per research, a whopping 80% of users prefer reading captions or subtitles even though they have no hearing disabilities. Captions are a great source for the viewers to enrich their vocabulary as well as help focus and understand the plot in a better manner. So having your videos as well as other content captioned is a great way to attract all the eyes towards your website! 

  • Get the right colors  

Well, we all know the fact that how colors play an important role in human psychology. If you get the colors right then half your work is done and you’ll just have to get the basics right! Keeping a clear contrast and avoiding bright colors are some of the very basic rules of color hygiene. At Somnath Jadhav, our gifted team works closely with our creative heads to use just the right colors for your business website. We make sure that by giving comfort to your visitors goes a long way in attracting business as well as developing the much-needed goodwill for the business.  

  • Ride the implementation cycle 

With loads of experience in website development, we make sure that your website checks all the tick marks on the website accessibility checklist! At Somnath Jadhav, we are informed about the latest features which support web browsers, media players, and other assistive technologies. We know the fact that when developers implement an accessibility feature they are more likely to make the authoring tool easier to implement. Once the implementation is done users are more likely to demand that user agents support it. Through this implementation cycle and assistive technologies, we improve web accessibility considerably. We make sure that the implementation is smooth so that you get the best of technology, as well as the business, gets benefitted in the long term. 

Today for a business to survive we need to have a presence in society so that the business goodwill is created as well as maintained. As a website owner, one should be ethical as well as logical to make sure your website delivers for the society keeping the business growing at the same time. At Somnath Jadhav, we inculcate all the accessibility features, right from the beginning! We take regular opinions so that we get real-time examples from the business owners too. Our advice on the basic groundwork has helped many clients perform better than they were doing earlier. Our team always strives to make the website accessible so that anyone regardless of their health condition can fully access your website.  

So what are you waiting for? Being a part of Somnath Jadhav’s elite client list will reward you by getting the best of both the worlds: getting accessibility to the much-needed society as well as getting technically fit to deliver the best through technology! Sounds really good!!