My adventures in predicting the English Premier League

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The Game - Part 1

It's a fun old game as they say, a fun game that seems to come and go season after season, telling individual stories for each club, even for each fan. The game that has been adopted by a large proportion of the world population as' their 'sport', their 'life'. It is a sport that I have known for as long as I can remember and I have played longer, it has caught me from the first kick of a ball and that grip has not yet loosened in 30 odd years and counting, it is and will always be known as the great game called Soccer.

This season (Premier League 2010-11) was a season where you wanted to bring my knowledge to the table, use my years of obsession and put it to 'good use', that is, if bets can be considered 'good use'? I set myself the task of seeing if I could win by betting on Premier League football matches, the rules were simple, every week I 'invested' £ 5 at three UK betting websites; Sky Bet, William Hill and Bet365. Through each of them, I bet every week (not always all the money) on a number of bets that 'jumped out at me', that had been considered a good bet somewhere or that the most exciting thing was to try use some of the various 'betting systems' available to be discovered in the เว็บดูบอลพรีเมียร์ลีก.

Surprisingly, what was the first thing I discovered? In the first Google search it became clear that the Internet is full of betting systems, betting tips, betting methods and betting tactics, and the list goes on for a long time. Clearly, he wasn't going to have a hard time looking for any advice, but from many of the search results, he was clearly going to have a hard time trusting them! However, luckily and most importantly, I trusted my intuition and started rotating betting patterns based on a combination of the 3 methods mentioned above and found some excellent (and apparently reliable) resources to help. As the weeks went by, I was increasingly impressed by the restricted nature of betting systems and their use of the statistics available to them. As a math graduate, I have a background in understanding the importance of distributions and patterns, but seeing them applied so constructively to beasts as chaotic in nature as the world of sports results, I grew in admiration for the whole thing. Admiration for those who built them, admiration for those who followed them as a religion, and finally admiration for bookmakers and their own systems that act as a constant shield against systematic gambling, such as the forces of good and evil they constantly fight each other for conquest to win. .

So where am I currently in Part 1? Well, the season is half way there and I've racked up an impressive £ 947.25 with Bet365, the Sky Bet account is £ 234.90 and I have a paltry £ 67.30 at William Hill. That turns me considerably black right now (I've invested £ 345, 23 weeks * £ 15) but, as I've discovered so far, this can all change quickly, very, very quickly!

The most dramatic realization I've come across to date is that my love for soccer has grown and grown, I've seen enough games from each of the 20 teams to know their strengths and weaknesses much better than I thought. The problem is that I am beginning to feel that I have reached the top of the wave, the weeks after Christmas have started to take their toll and I am beginning to feel the desire to gamble recklessly. I want to blow up a huge gamble that has a 30-fold chance of disagreement set for a reason. I feel like I've become an anorak of epic proportions, obsessively examining stats, stats, and more stats, and I want to get out of the loop. The number of form tables I've analyzed is enough to make a person cry, in fact it's worse than that, it's enough to make even the most avid Poisson Distribution follower (there are many who trust me) an enemy! How do you convert those who have given hearts and souls into statistics? You give them charts of forms, you have them analyze them for patterns, and when they think they have clung to something, you make them find more. It is truly and painfully endless.