PoSH Act India: A Quick Look

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Sexual harassment at workplace denies a woman’s fundamental Right to Equality and Right to Life guaranteed by the Constitution of India under Articles 14.15, and 21. Hostile working environments will hold back women from achieving financial independence. Gender discrimination and sexual harassment is a persistent hurdle in the path to women empowerment we are aiming for as a nation. This is the reason why the PoSH Act India, or Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, was enacted.

The provisions of the PoSH Act India are to be followed at all workplaces with more than 10 employees. The law clearly defines what constitutes sexual harassment at workplaces, the obligations of an employer to ward off sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the organization, procedure of investigation, actions to be taken against offenders, remedies and compensation the victim is eligible for, among others. Even after 6 years of the law coming into action, our workplaces still entertain lewd jokes, inappropriate comments, and ‘harmless’ physical advances. As long as women continue to dismiss them as normal, they will pave way for toxic work culture. Our workplaces need greater awareness about sexual harassment and better implementation of the law.

WorkSafe: PoSH Act India Flagship solution from Rainmaker

Rainmaker develops engaging and interactive training modules to transform redundant compliance training into a fun learning experience. Over the years, Rainmaker has associated with leading Indian companies and MNCs to help them comply with the PoSH Act. The anti-sexual harassment training solution from Rainmaker, WorkSafe, helps organizations comply with PoSH Act India. The team works with a mission to create a safer and gender-neutral workplace culture for women across the nation.

We are passionate about helping corporates create ethical and compliant workplaces. Our mission is to develop engaging and interactive training modules to transform boring compliance training into an engaging and interesting learning experience. Our flagship solution WorkSafe, helps corporates comply with the PoSH law.