Premier league

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When looking for the best football in the world, one does not conflict when believing that the World Cup or the Champions League is the number one tournament in the world. You may be right in thinking that the World Cup is the most important event, but it doesn't feature the highest level of football year after year. When you are looking for the best, the English League is the number one place in Europe and in the world. You'll find many of the world's top players in the League, from Drogba to Torres, Ashley Cole, Carlos Tevez, and many more.

The Barclays Premier has been around since 1992 and is the highest tier of the English football league system. There are 20 different teams in the league and they work with relegation and promotion with The Football Championship เว็บดูบอลพรีเมียร์ลีก , which has existed since 1888. Since its creation in 1992, it has become the largest league in terms of revenue with more than 2 billion euros . seasons 08-09. The Premier League has gone through 3 different title sponsors since its inception. Currently, the Premier League is sponsored by Barclays, making it the Barclays Premier League. As of this moment, it is the number one league according to the Union of European Football Associations.

The League is the fourth highest grossing league or any sport in the world. It only follows the Big 3 in the United States (National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association), making the Premier League the largest sports league outside of the United States.

The Premier League has been led by four teams Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea and Manchester United since the start of the league. These four teams have won all of the league titles. Manchester United leads the group with eleven championships, but they are being caught by their rival and last year's champion Chelsea. All 20 Premier League teams compete each year for the Malachite Trophy which has the names of all the teams from the start of the league listed on the trophy. In 2004, Arsenal received a unique gold version of the trophy to indicate that they were undefeated during the season.

The Premier League also sends four teams to the UEFA Champions League. The top two teams will enter the group stage directly, while the third and fourth teams will be placed in an elimination round that precedes the group format.

The main reason for the Premier League's success is its presence on the world stage. The league is promoted as "The Greatest Show on Earth". The world is also watching as it is estimated that more than 500 million people in more than 200 countries follow the Premier League on a regular basis. Many teams regularly expand their global fan base by touring the world as part of their preseason games, this also gives them the opportunity to further expand their income. The facts are that if you are looking for the best football in the world, the Premier League is your preferred league.