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Are you planning to have a custom embroidery shirt for you? Well, if you live in Portland, then it is certainly the most convenient thing for you to get a custom embroidery shirt. Embroidery in Portland is so good. Yes, the field of embroidery is quite successful here in this region of US. If you are looking forward to have custom embroidery in Salem, then again this is easy and simple as Salem also have some famous companies that do the custom embroidery. Wait, do you know the difference between custom screen printing and embroidery? If no, then it is important for you to know the difference in them before ordering anything from anywhere. Look, screen printing and embroidery, both are very popular when it comes to a cloth designing. Custom embroidery shirts are way too different from the custom screen-printed shirts. You can notice the difference very easily so just have a look at the pictures of both on google and then make a decision about what you want. This blog is going to help in clearing all the doubts that you have in your mind regarding screen-printing and embroidery.


The difference in both of them is major and noticeable. But here, for your convenience, the differences are given here too that you must read out so that you can come to know what screen printing is and what embroidery is.

1- Texture:

Texture is different. When you look at the custom embroidery shirt, you can notice easily that it is not printed and it is something that is woven in the cloth. Texture of the embroidery is different so just feel that with your hand and you will note that it is a raised pattern or design and is not embedded in the cloth.

2- Embroidery is thread based:

Hold a custom embroidery shirt in your hand and you will see that it is a thread-based work that sometimes has beads and motifs attached with it. The thread work is either hand-made or machine woven. Whereas the screen printing is all about colors and ink that is printed on the cloth.

3- Detailing:

Yes, when you observe a screen-printed shirt, you will find it simple and beautiful. On the other hand, the embroidery work is way too detailed and super amazing. You just look at it and you fall in love with it. Custom embroidery shirts are absolutely the best and no doubt, you slay by wearing them. Embroidery in Portland is just so adorable.


1- The best companies:

Look for the companies that are famous for doing best custom embroidery in Salem. The company that is reputable and has the real amazing staff for the embroidery. You should check on google because there you can easily find the famous companies who do the embroidery on order.

2- The highest recommendation:

Look, when you plan to have the best custom embroidery in Salem, then you must take the recommendation from those who have experience. The company whose recommendation is highest is certainly the company that you should choose.

3- The best reviews:

Yes, when you search for the best companies, make sure you read the reviews of their work on their websites.