The 9 Types of Storefront Signs You Should Know

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A storefront sign helps you leave a positive first impression on people and enables them to see your business name during the day and night. When it comes to installing a sign at your storefront, you have numerous options based on materials, designs, and sizes. Due to the use of materials, signs for storefront are of different types. Here are some of them:

1. Fabric Storefront Sign

Fabric signs are unique and colorful, but need frequent maintenance and replacements in comparison with other signs made of other materials. They seem inexpensive initially, but cost a lot for business owners like you. By proving your company logo and name with your tagline, you can get an eye-catchy fabric storefront sign for your business.

2. Plywood Storefront Sign

If you run a restaurant, painted plywood signs are an ideal option for you. With this, you can give an old fashioned feel to your customers. You can use this storefront sign for your retail business if you want to give a bespoke look to your business or you want to go with a rustic theme.

3. Painted Glass Storefront Sign

Want to have a distinctive and attractive look for your storefront at a lower cost? Use the front window as the canvas for the design of your storefront sign. Painted glass storefront signs have basically letters on your door glass with attractive designs. By spending a little more, you can get more detailed designs and high-end weather paints for your storefront sign.

4. Laser Cut Storefront Sign/Punched Metal Signboard

In such storefront signs, letters and numbers are made by tool or laser cutting. The metals that are usually used are aluminum, steel, brass, and copper. The letters or numbers made by cutting the metals are punched to the front of the store or commercial establishments. You can get an attractive and fully finished metal signboard as per your wish of design, size, and metals, such as steel letters for signs.

5. Metal Lettering and Logo Storefront Sign

Being three-dimensional in look, these signs are ideal for the front of any commercial setup. Based on your need and choice, you can get a lettering storefront of any metal in any size and design. Getting your metal logo lettering sign with light for your storefront will be beneficial for you, as it will help you draw the attention of people in a large number.

6. Metal Storefront Sign Board

It is ideal for any location and any business setup. The ideal size of this storefront sign is of 4” X 8”. The signboard any material suited to your art piece (business logo) will help you lure customers. You can use individually cut letters or paint the letters of your business name to have an eye-catchy metal storefront signboard.

7. Awning Storefront Signs

Do you want to offer shelters to your customers in bad weather apart from promoting your business? If yes, opt for it. Based on the use of materials and the done artwork, this sign helps you market your business for a more extended period. Discuss a sign maker on how to get the best one for your business.

8. Rock Storefront Signs

Are you looking for the storefront that you can install in the open area, close to your business premise, and use for promoting your company name for a longer period? There is no second to a rock storefront sign. It can be an expensive option for you initially. By having a comparison of the lifespan, you will find it inexpensive for you.


Storefront signs are valuable for a business establishment. Except one, most of the storefront signs are durable and help you draw the attention of passersby. With the use of light, they represent your business in the day and night even when your business hours are off.