The Benefits of Laser Cutting in Metal Fabrication

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Over the past few years, laser cutting services in Gauteng have seen immense growth, both in popularity and demand, especially in cases where precision cutting is required. This fabrication process essentially utilises a high-powered laser to cut materials into several shapes and designs. To best meet industry needs, the laser cutting service providers in Gauteng typically employ more than one type of laser cutting machine. In fact, it is the most preferred metal fabrication process by various engineers and architects, as it has many advantages, some of which will be discussed below.

  • Increased accuracy and precision

One of the main reasons why laser cutting services are the go-to for most engineers and architects is because the cuts created by the laser beams are highly accurate and precise. While the laser beam may be small, it is incredibly powerful. In certain industries, the shape of the metal is of utmost importance. In cases such as these, laser cutting services are recommended.


  • Reduction of wasted material

With other cutting services, more metal is often cut than required, as it is not as precise. Whereas with laser cutting, the cut is incredibly accurate, which means that there is less scrap metal. Thereby meaning that less waste is produced.


  • Allows for complex designs and shapes

When it comes to laser cutting services, there is no shape or design too complex for this fabrication technique. In the past, when traditional cutting methods and tools were used, there were far more limitations on what could be completed and what could not. However nowadays, the precision of the laser allows for extremely narrow sections to be cut without affecting the metal.


  • High versatility and flexibility

Another highly beneficial advantage of laser cutting services is the fact that this fabrication technique can be used on any metal, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, and various other special alloys. One machine can be used to perform various jobs. Moreover, the laser can be used on a wide range of thicknesses too. In terms of the flexibility of the machine, the tools need not be changed for each separate cut, the laser itself can simply be changed according to the properties of the metal.


  • Improved safety

Finally, laser cutting as a fabrication technique is also far safer than other cutting methods. Not only is the process automated, which means less manpower is required, and little to no errors can be made, but the process is also contactless. Therefore, no mechanical friction can harm any nearby workers, nor damage or wear the tools.

As you can see, there are several reasons as to why laser cutting services in Gauteng have become so popular over the years. They are not only beneficial for the fabrication companies themselves, but for the clients having the fabrication job done. While there are various service providers that can provide you with the laser cutting services you need, ensure that the one you opt for offers the fabrication technique you require.