The Importance of Shrink Wrapping Machine

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Have you noticed that many products today are neatly sealed in plastic? There are no staples or other materials required for packaging. This is possible due to the Shrink Wrapping Machine technology and it can work wonders for many businesses today. What is this technology and how can your business benefit from it? Let's look a little closer to find out.

What Is Shrink Wrap?

Thanks to materials such as modern plastic films, one can use devices to spread this versatile film on products and materials. After applying heat, it begins to shrink and tighten and it forms an excellent seal. In addition, the shrinking process forms a means of support.

Compared to other packaging materials, shrink wrap can be a very inexpensive option. It is also designed to reduce space; this keeps bundled items closed without the use of extra heavy materials, such as boxes. Saving space saves money, both in storage and transportation.

Why Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrapping is an easy process that requires only two things - the right type of plastic wrap and heat. With just one roll of shrink wrap paper and a heating source, you can waterproof, weatherproof and tamperproof just about anything you own. Since there is no restriction on size to shrink wrap items — big or small — you now have a way to save your best item. As an added bonus, shrink wrap plastic is reusable; when you are finished with it, you can toss it with your other plastic bags to be recycled and remake for future use.

As both seals wrap and hold their shape once applied, any tampering will be immediately noticeable. For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies now wrap their products as well as food manufacturers. Some types of retractable coverings used by banks and government agencies change color to disperse plastics, to show that the sealed items have been touched.

Benefits of Using a Shrink Wrapping Machine

One of the most important benefits of Shrink Wrapping Machine is cost. No need for complex or high-tech expensive equipment to take advantage of the shrink wrapping technique. You do not have to spend a lot of time training employees. It is simple and easy to use. Also, you will enjoy many other benefits.

Space Saving

Some manufactured products are heavy and take up a large part of the space. However, once they are wrapped, they can be reduced in size. This is an important consideration for warehousing and shipping. With rising fuel costs, the more materials you can get in a truck, the more you will save on costs. In some cases, the product size decreases by 50 percent or less with shrink wrap.

Eco Friendly

Modern shrink wrapping machine technology uses special plastics that are proven to be safe for the environment. In addition, wrapping materials can be completely recycled, so everyone on the planet takes advantage.

Safe Enough For Food

Many food products are easily transported to the market today and completely sealed shrink wrapped containers. The packaging is approved by the FDA and is used for a wide range of food and beverage items.