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About Us: 

Mplan Media is a media planning & buying agency offering strategic and extensive advertising solutions in India. Top Ad Agency, Mplan.media. India’s full-service media strategy, planning & buying agency. Tv, Radio, Newspaper, Cinema advertising agency bangalore, mumbai

Mplan provides advertising through our expertise in traditional, digital media and creative communication. Mplan follows insight steered and planning led media buying philosophy, to communicate the brand message effectively. Mplan has comprehensive data of the market, intelligent insights, areas of audience interest & tools to serve businesses of every magnitude in major sectors. Our principal areas of activity are Television, Print, Digital, Radio, outdoor & Cinema advertising.

Transforming the way companies go about their advertising through our expertise in traditional, digital media and creative communication. Mplan follows insight steered and planning led media buying philosophy, to communicate the brand message effectively. And combines creativity and data analysis to deliver impactful and sustainable consumer solutions for our clients.


Our Services:

1. Cinema Advertising:

Cinema advertising has the lowest advert avoidance rate of all mediums. Impact of multiplex advertising in a focussed environment has 8 times greater impact on the audience than television suggestive of its mammoth power and effectiveness. More than 10 movies get released each week on various genres, which gives brands a broad & varied spectrum of an audience to target. The reach that multiplex advertising provides is extremely wide & diverse.

Showcase the Bigger Picture of your Brand

  • Creates an excellent visual impact for an engaged audience.
  • The audience perceives ads as a part of their cinema-going experience.
  • Target group profiling & multiple advertising possibilities.


2. Radio Advertising:

Radio Advertising helps companies & brands tap the power of listeners to work and increases market share and drive revenue. Whether you’re targeting B2B/B2C, locally or nationally, direct response/branding, it helps you to tell a story and generate exceptional results. You can set your goals based on your TG and achieve them by selecting the right stations & slots for FM radio advertising. Mplan helps you create radio campaigns with personalized strategies, monitor its performance & optimize efforts for effective results. Help you create memorable listening experiences with tactful radio strategies to boost your company’s profitability. Use of RAM data data & NRS/ILT reports setting your goals for a greater ROI in FM radio advertising.


Reach customers by using the power of voice

  • Medium with the Strongest call to action & with easier local targeting.
  • Theater of Mind – Helps you create an impression with the use of audio.
  • Time band selection with options of morning & evening drive times.


3. Television Advertising:

Watching TV is the nation’s most common leisure activity. It continues to have an impact on audiences of all ages and demographics. With over 40% direct impact rate, it still stands strong as the most powerful advertising medium. Download the whitepaper to understand your audience behavior, watching patterns, demands of the consumer & discover what the future holds for the television industry in Marketing.

Build customer base. Increase brand awareness with Television Advertising

  • Television advertising allows you to reach locally, regionally & nationally easily.
  • With exceptional reach, TV still stands strong in the market & is a mass medium.
  • Builds brand reputation with the use of repetitive ad techniques.

Challenges of Television Advertising

  • Scheduling the SPOTS 

Choosing the spots for your TG is never a cakewalk. With our audience expertise, we are aware of all the dayparts according to its viewership rate.

  • Understand the brands PERSPECTIVE 

“Listen, Analyse, Resolve” is our Motto. Understand the client’s main objectives & goals before we take any further actions.

  • REACH vs FREQUENCY channels

What needs length, What needs breadth is done in the most precise way & analyse the channels required for the campaign.


 Choosing collective viewing channels. Reaching both the TG’s: Kids & Parents are the TG, our experts have an experience of working with most complex TG’s.

  • Metrics

 We primarily focus on TRP, CPRP, frequency, incremental reach factors while making the perfect television media plan for your brand.

  • Skilled Media Specialists 

We choose the perfect time/spot, when & where the ad should be played, duration etc for a maximum reach.


4. Airline Advertising:

Inflight Advertising: Creating right impact on your flying audience

  • Capture the captive environment using Inflight Advertising.
  • Increase brand value by advertisingin premium airlines.
  • Receptive environment resulting in higher brand recall.
  • Strengthen your brand impact with low disturbance level.


5. Programmatic Media:

Programmatic agency for optimising your brand’s reach & results

  • Transparency & Real-time Measurement
  • Efficiency & Precise customer Targeting
  • Reach & Improved Tracking Capacity Efficiency


6. Influencer Marketing:

Digital influencer marketing matching brands with the right advocates

  • Select the right influencers to tender an opinion that customers trust.
  • Offer extensive reacAccelerating yourh to the & an actively engaged audience.
  • Generating leads faster, customer retention, increase reach of a campaign.

Mplan is an influencer marketing agency believing in driving positive influence on the audience that leads to true actions. We put in efforts towards identifying, nurturing & retaining the right influencers for your brand. Look closely at your business, TG, trends to render strategic & executable plans for the entire process for brands in influencer marketing India

Resetting Media Planning & Buying Standards

  • Audience Strategy

One-stop destination for audience gathering, TG, demographics, behavioural analysis, advanced AI & ML, sheer people-centric approach.

  • Planning & Strategy

Helping brands in problem comprehension, mapping KPIs - solutions. Media mixes, assess client budget, ascertain spending priorities.

  • Analysis & Research

Competitive tracking, analytics, deliver effective campaign strategy. Performance increase for campaigns in alliance with client objectives.

  • Creative Consulting

Provide services in the form of collaborations with artists, studios, talents, production houses to help you create finest media campaigns.

  • Media Audit

Auditing handled by a team of experts. Scrutinize whether brands got what they paid for, was placement appropriate for the TG.

  • Budgeting Guidance

Partnering with clients to assess the budgets, make spending recommendations, identify where to prioritize media expenditure.


Media Contact Information:

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Bangalore – 560085


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Mail-id: connect@mplan.media