advantages and disadvantages of television

Today’s era is the era of science in which people are connected with technology from all four sides. Day by day technological devices are coming out, television is also one of the cheapest and simplest entertainment for the people. It is found in every home and everyone uses it from children to old age. In Hindi, it is also called Durdarshan, which tells us things of Dur. Friends, watching TV is not only liked by the general public but also Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan.

Advantages of Television

This invention of technology has given people a good way to spend time and the benefits of it are as follows:

1. Entertainment- Television is the largest and simplest means of entertainment in today’s time. It brings the channel of their choice to everyone from old age to children and entertains them in various ways.

2. Gynecological- Many such programs are shown on television which increase our knowledge and we get to learn something new.

3. Information- The news of the country and the world is shown on television, which gives us information about what is going on in the world.

4. Helpful in learning English – There are many English channels on TV through which we can easily teach easily.

5. Time lapse – We vacationers and old people can easily spend their time watching television.

6. Advertising – Television is also a very good medium of advertising so that people can get to know about the new products coming in the market.

Disadvantages of television

While television has dried people a lot, there have been losses due to its excessive use –

1. Waste of time – People get used to television and keep watching TV all day, so that their time is wasted.

2. Malefic effects on health- Watching television worsens the eyes and causes pain. While watching this, the problem of back pain also arises.

3. Everyone in the family – Everyone is busy watching programs on TV, they do not even have time for each other.

4. Non-compliance – Many programs and advertisements on television that Omar’s children under 18 should not watch.

We all should use television in limited quantity and watch it a bit.