All You Should Know About Warli Paintings

However there are no authentic records tell that the origin of this great folk art, but experts date it back to the 10th century. This art form stayed hidden until a few enthusiastic and passionate art lovers discovered it. This art is living in the Thane district of Maharashtra and associates with the lifestyle and the people in their community.

Warli paintings are based on three major pillars: Monochrome, innocence, and simplicity. The strokes of this art are bold, and the images are made using geometrical figures which mainly include circles & triangles. Warli painting designs contain a series of dots and dashes which are used to create the details of the painting. Straight lines are almost never used in this art form. These paintings relate to the pre-historic cave paintings and their themes are often about daily chores and the events of common people, such as religious customs & traditions.

Warli art is capable enough to make us think of being environmentally conscious and finding joy in simple things of life. The Warli people lead simple lives and they worship nature as a human is depended on nature for food and everyday living. They don’t believe in disrupting nature or taking more than required. The Warli people believe in harmony between nature and human being, and these beliefs are often reflected in their paintings.

The tribe uses basic materials for Warli painting such as rice paste with water and gum while creating white paint. They use a chewed bamboo stick that serves as a brush. The charm of Warli painting is adorned by many hotel lobbies and rooms proudly. These paintings have something special that takes us back to the time, setting and sentiment behind the art.

Today, Warli paintings have gone much beyond a simple tribal art. The use of subtle colors usually white with some appearance of other colors on a muddy backdrop help retain the authentic touch of Warli paintings. But, today, artists are experimenting a lot with a variety of colors and different colors are being used in creating Warli paintings. These new versions of Warli are also fast gaining popularity.

The people, who are taking inspiration from this art, are buying things with Warli art. From colored umbrellas to coffee mugs and cups, wall clocks and stationery, Warli is pretty much everywhere, and it doesn’t stop here. The art is being used by every Indian fashion designer for creating adorning borders on colorful luxurious silk sarees. The paintings can be either directly painted on the fabric or get printed on it. Usually, clothes with Warli paintings are made of materials that hold color easily. The stiffness of raw silk is preferred as it is the perfect canvas to showcase Warli designs.

Warli painting is undoubtedly a superb art form. Today, this art form is not only popular in Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi, but internationally as well. You can find Warli designs on wall paintings, murals, showpieces, utensils, curtains, cushion covers, bed sheets, table covers, and cloths as well.