Amazing Lead Generation Ideas that can Help to Take Business Forward

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

— Colin Powell

To take the business forward, it is vitally important to keep the sales funnel loaded with quality leads. This is so because more leads mean more revenue. Usually, business owners have two choices in order to generate leads:

  • Make a team of in-house marketers.
  • Avail lead generation services from a reputed vendor.

Oftentimes, business owners choose the second option as that’s the best way to get maximum leads without facing any type of hassle. But companies that stick to their decision of handling lead generation process on their own generally face issues, and the main reason behind this is they don’t know which tactics they should use to generate leads.

With the help of below-given pointers, we are going to give some amazing tips that would help businesses in generating a myriad of leads. So, have a look:

  • Create compelling video series

At the present time, video marketing is considered as the best lead generating tool. This is so because 75% of potential customers watch videos online before making a purchase decision. Therefore, if you are an owner of a business and want to load sales funnel with quality leads, you should start creating compelling videos of products that you are selling.

It is highly suggested to not take the significance of video marketing for granted because enticing videos increase the rate of lead conversion up to 80%. For better results, you should create a video series that can explain the benefits of products one by one. Apart from that, there is a high possibility that one-off videos may not help to get the desired number of leads in the sales funnel.

All in all, captivating product-explainer videos should be created. Video marketing seems difficult? You should go for lead generation services of a reputed vendor.

  • Optimise your website for mobile

In this modern era, it is significant for businesses to take care of every small factor while generating leads. For the same reason, it is vital for companies to optimise their website for smartphone users. If recent reports are to be believed, 50% of prospects search about products/services online by using their mobile phones.

In addition, 60% of customers have admitted that mobile played an important role in their recent purchase. Furthermore, mobile-friendly websites contribute 42% of the average share of total revenues. This fact should be enough to understand that why it is significant for business owners to optimise their company’s website for mobile users.

So, if you want to generate maximum leads, make sure that prospects get an amazing experience after visiting your website by using their smartphone.

  • Gate your content with proper caution

The name of content marketing always comes to the mind whenever it comes to generating quality leads within a short period of time. It is so because content marketing is the tactic that can create a hype for products/services overnight. And many renowned BPO firms use content marketing to render prodigious lead generation services.

According to the latest industry reports, 47% of prospects search product-related content on the internet before making a purchase decision. In addition, businesses that post 16 or more write-ups per month generate 4.5 times more leads as compared to those organisations that publish only 0-4 write-ups per month.

But companies that prefer to generate leads on their own often make one silly mistake, and that is ‘Gating the wrong content.’ Because of this mistake, they face the hassle of half-filled sales funnel.

Generally, prospects don’t hesitate while filling the lead generation form in order to access white papers, articles, e-books, etc. However, when the lead generation form appears while accessing lighter content like infographics, potential customers often get frustrated and more likely to seek other company’s products/services. This affects the overall lead generation process.

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