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Annotation in machine learning is an art of labeling the data like pictures or images containing specific objects like humans, articles, animals and motor vehicles to make it recognizable for computers or robotic machines. Image annotation is basically done by humans manually using the image annotation tools or software to store the large volume of data stored after annotation.

The most famous techniques used for annotation in machine learning is bounding boxes that basically highlights an object in the image to make it recognizable for machines while training them to learn from these data sets and give an relevant output. The annotated images are used as datasets in machine learning while building an AI-based model that can work itself using the deep learning process to helps humans in performing various tasks without human intervene.

image annotation

Actually, annotation for machine learning is a tedious and time consuming process, you need large work-force to work nonstop to create large volumes of annotated data like pictures or images that can be used to train machines and make them functional for AI-based models.

If you have requirement of annotation for images or videos etc. you can outsource image annotation to Cogito that offers a complete annotation services for images and videos in various formats like Bounding Box Annotation, Tagging, Point & Dot Annotation, Polygonal Annotation and Line & Splines Annotation with accurate results. Cogito works with turnaround time with scalable solution and flexible image annotation pricing to give best quality annotation services to various industries like healthcare, ecommerce and automobiles etc.


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