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After spending a long and tiring day in Bangkok, sometimes the best way to retreat is to sit back and enjoy the breathtaking view of this cosmopolitan city. And if it’s at a grill and bar with family, friends or your special someone, then it becomes a cherry on the top. Vertigo and Moon Bar offers a similar experience atop a roof terrace overlooking the dazzling cityscape of Bangkok.

Constructed on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree hotel, at Vertigo, you can dine on fork-tender seafood and delectable steaks while gazing at the overwhelmingly vast skyline of Bangkok city at the same time. All the more, its moon bar puts you in a great mood courtesy of the informal setting, 61 floors above the city. Don’t miss the unforgettable Vertigo Sunset cocktail, which boasts a melody of pineapple, cranberry and lime juices blended with the right amount of Malibu.

The entire top of this building has the bar and the restaurant and offers an unusual impression of being in space. Situated on Sathorn road, a huge avenue peppered with glass and metal skyscrapers, Banyan Tree Hotel is synonymous with luxury. And the moment you step in Vertigo and Moon Bar, you’ll realize that Bangkok is laid out below you. And above you, there is absolutely nothing. Enjoy a full 360 view of the cityscape. You can also admire the sunset from the comfort of a cosy sofa. On clear nights, the sunset lights up the nearby river, which looks like a golden ribbon amongst the skyscrapers.

While heading to Vertigo, ensure that you do not arrive too late, as the good seats are quite limited. The restaurant serves amazing imported steaks, seafood, and lambs. Spending a beautiful evening here is like dining on the top of the world. So don’t miss it while you are in Bangkok, and make sure to ring ahead before driving there.


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