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Have you been waking up with an ache or suffering from lingering back pain? Well, then it clearly indicates that you need to look for the right mattress to make things a bit easier on your back. Lingering back pain makes you feel awful, and if you are sleeping on a wrong type of mattress then chances are pretty high that the pain will get worse eventually. You will definitely be able to find the best bed mattress in India specifically you are someone who is suffering from severe back pain issues.

So do your required groundwork, considering certain facts as in your current weight, sleeping style, and form of back pain. However, don’t ever think that only the orthopaedic mattresses are without a doubtthe most perfect type of mattress. In reality, an orthopaedic mattress is nothing but just a firm mattress. When you will choose the right type of mattress, it’ll boost a good sleeping posture and give your firm support in the right areas while comforting your muscles – all this will result in a good night’s snooze and relatively reduced uneasiness the next morning.

Read to know more about how to buy the right type of bed mattress for back pack related issues.

How to buy the best bed mattress in India for bad back pain problems?

When it comes to buying the right type of bed mattress, there isn’t any rocket science for the same. There are many companies selling bed mattresses that will try to sell you what they consider a back pain mattress, but picking up the right mattress completely depends on your present body shape and weight and most significantly sleeping style. After this, comes your budget range- a good mattress cost will even depend on the material used inside, size and manufacture.

Will an orthopaedic mattress would be the right choice for a bad back?

Don’t be misled by the terminology orthopaedic (or relatedtherapeutic sounding terms) as it doesn’t mean the bed has been skilfullyevaluated or suggested – it’s just the terminology used by companies to signify their firmest and thicker mattresses.

And it’s not as if too thick mattresses are essentiallythe right type for back pain. A mattress should be supportive, but it should not inevitably hard. In fact, a too-firm mattress can thrust against your spine, thereby triggeringmoreuneasiness, especially for those who are back sleepers.

The level of thicknessin the best bed mattress in India is defined on the basis of the two main aspects.

  • First, your body weight; a heavyweight person puts more force on the mattress and so requires a bitthicker mattress than a lightweight person.

Second, it depends on the way you sleep. If you are a back sleeper, then you must consider going with a medium firm mattress as it will provide you the desired support and help you in relaxing your back muscles. While if you are a side or front sleeper then go with a bit thicker mattress.

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