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If you are new to the web world and recently built your website, or you have been dealing with the website for a long time now, one element of utmost importance, that is, a web server, would definitely be bothering you. When it comes to web server, it is everything that keeps your website up and running. It is the web hosting that holds your website and controls it. A web hosting if put simply, is the launch pad of your website. Everything that is crucial for the working of the website, like the speed, the security features, the website performance, the uptime of the website are all controlled by the web hosting.

Just the types of web hosting that are available for you to choose from is overwhelming. There are different kinds of web hosting like dedicated web hosting, Virtual Private server hosting, bare metal server hosting, shared server hosting, cloud hosting, litespeed hosting and many other kinds of hosting which have different features that make the hosting ideal for the type of website it will be used for. While choosing the web hosting one has to be extremely cautious, alert and aware of the features that will give the business an upper hand when compared to the competitor.

Here, we put light on the two variants of a web server, that is, Bare Metal server and a dedicated server. Let us understand these two servers to be able to choose the best for the website.

Let’s begin with a Bare Metal hosting server:

What is it?

A bare metal, as indicated by the name is a bare server in which the website is hosted directly on the hardware. It is the metal that the website is directly in contact with. The hardware is dedicated to a single website and the website uses the server solely. To support the website, there are GPUs that is graphic processing units with working adjacent to the hardwares.

The features of the bare metal server are:

  • The website is run on the hardware directly.
  • The server is meant only for one customer and is completely dedicated to that one customer only.
  • To support the working of the website, there are graphic processing units working conjunctively with the CPU. These GPUs give a greater computing power to the server and thus enhance the performance of the website.
  • For websites that need a high speed and a high computing power, a bare metal environment can be created.
  • Data intensive workstations can be run very smoothly on the bare metal server environment.
  • Since the whole system works on the hardware, the processing time is very low and thus the speed of the working is very fast.
  • The servers are rented and the payment has to be done monthly. This might be both, an advantage as well as disadvantage.
  • Since the server is dedicated only to one website, security and reliability are not an issue.
  • Maintaining an hardware is an easy task as not much of updates are created. This also has its down side. When the website needs to be run on a certain configuration that are supported by softwares, it cannot happen.
  • Since in a bare metal hosting, you are dealing with the hardware directly, the maintenance needs core knowledge of the hardware.

Another type of web hosting is, a dedicated server.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a server that serves only one website. The whole resources of the server are dedicated to one and only one website. Although similar to the bare metal server, the dedicated server has some different features:

  • A dedicated server has CPU, Ram, memory storage, bandwidth all dedicated to only one website. The website uses all the resources of the server for itself.
  • The dedicated server has all the security measures that might be needed for a website to function well. There is no influence from the program running on any other website.
  • The dedicated server is highly scalable. The resources can be immediately switched to cater to the requests made to the server when there is a sudden spike in the traffic on the website. This makes the website fast.
  • Since there is no disturbance from any of the neighbors on the server, the website is almost always up. The website has a higher uptime.
  • Whenever the server is under repair, a substitute server can be deployed to temporarily run the website.

Both the types of servers described above offer security and reliability. The speed offered by a bare metal server exceeds the speed offered by the dedicated server. If you are looking for a very fast web server, and have the technical capabilities to handle any issue arising, the bare metal server hosting is the right option for you!

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