Benefits of Installing Aluminium Curtain Walls

A curtain wall is aesthetically pleasing, which is one of the reasons why it is often used in the façade of a building. It is a very common architectural system used in present day constructions. These panels are installed at the exterior of the building and help to protect the building from harsh weather elements. Curtain walls can be made of glass, metal and stone, but aluminium is a popular material choice for a curtain wall. This is because of the many beneficial features of aluminium, such as durability, corrosion resistance, and recyclability. (Information credit –

Installing aluminium curtain walls to buildings has many advantages, such as:

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium curtain walls can enhance the thermal efficiency of buildings widely if they are treated and glazed properly. The curtain wall is just like another layer of material around the building. Therefore, it can stabilise the temperature in the house. As a result, it is possible to reduce the energy costs of the building. Aluminium curtain walls are also ideal for additional glazing, which reduces UV light.

Helps in Ensuring Stability of the Building

Curtain walls provide structural integrity to a building. It keeps the building stable, helps in reducing its swaying and helps in assuring structural integrity. The curtain wall disperses kinetic force across the entire frame and structure, thus, it can even out any stress on the building. It makes the building stronger so it can withstand bad weather and high winds. Reduced building sway is especially important for high-rise buildings.

Keeps the Interior Protected

If there is water leakage in the building, especially when it rains, the interior walls and structure can get damaged immensely. The residents are scared and uncomfortable. You can solve this problem by installing an aluminium curtain wall, as it can assist with keeping water out of the building. Thus, it acts both as a buffer and an insulator. Moreover, thanks to the metallic benefits of aluminium, curtain walls last for a long time with low maintenance and do not get easily damaged.

The Reduced Spread of Fire

When any floor of a building catches fire, the fire spreads very quickly to the other floors. However, curtain walls act as a barrier between floors, so it can slow down the spread of fire. With curtain walls, fire cannot transfer across the building surface easily. This feature is also very useful for taller buildings where fire can spread upwards quickly without a barrier stopping it.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from the beneficial functions of curtain walls, they also help in ensuring the aesthetic appeal of any building. By installing a curtain wall, you can provide a building with a sophisticated, yet unique look. It is perfect for any modern architecture. This is why most modern building owners opt for the installation of aluminium curtain walls.

If you are interested in having an aluminium curtain wall installed in your building, contact an architectural aluminium systems supplier today!