Benefits of LED Lighting in Hospitals

For as long as we know our hospitals, the managements have been using traditional light fixtures, whether they need it in their offices, operation theatres, patient rooms, hallways, waiting areas and bathrooms, etc. The reason behind using these lights is that the output, efficiency and availability are wonderful. However, they do not realize how much amount and energy they are wasting. The patients also get negative impact of these incandescent bulbs and CFLs.

When it comes to the lighting options for hospitals, clinics and healthcare units, we recommend LED lighting option in Pakistan due to its performance and many other reasons. Let’s dig out few other reasons that why hospitals must choose LED lights.

Color Temperature and the Importance of Cool White Color in it

We can find numerous shades of LED lights when we visit the market. We can measure it through correlated color temperature (CCT) and its unit is Kelvin (K). At different Kelvin, we experience different light shades. In between 2000 Kelvin to 2500 Kelvin, we find ultra warm, light while there is warm light when CCT is in between 2500 to 3500 Kelvin. We find natural white light when there are 3600 to 5000 Kelvin and cool white light when CCT is 5100 Kelvin to 20000 Kelvin.

The experts recommend a cool white LED lights in hospitals and healthcare centers because patients feel comfortable under these lights. LED lights in Pakistan are extremely wonderful for the office environment because offices are a permanent part of hospitals as well. Overall, to give an ideal environment for patients and doctors, we need cool white color LED lights.

No Health Risks

Traditional lighting options have mercury, which is a toxic element. When these bulbs break, mercury is released. With LED lights, you have no need to worry about because no toxic elements are there in these bulbs.

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs also emit ultraviolet rays, which can be very harmful for our skin and eyes. These bulbs can increase the emission sometimes up to 12% and there can be harmful for us. On the other hand, LED lights emit no or a very little UV rays and therefore, the best suitable for hospitals where patients need risk-free health facilities.

CRI and Staff Performance

Coloring rendering index (CRI) is the major aspect of LED lighting to help you see colors originally. Seeing colors as they truly are is very important in the medical sciences because you can misdiagnose the signs of some tests conducted in the laboratory. It can create issues for the patients and the staff as well. LED lights in Pakistan have high CRIs and therefore, we recommend this lighting option, especially in the laboratories and patients’ room to examine the patient more clearly.


You can dim LED lights to provide the patient the best suitable light in the room. Some patients need special light and with these dimmable lights, you can manage it very well. As these lights help the medical staff keep the environment comfortable, therefore, we recommend these lights in MRI and CT scan rooms as well where there is a need of the relaxing atmosphere.

Life Span

We cannot afford frequent replacements of lights as it can not only harm the patients, but also can harm the performance of medical staff and equipment. If it burns out in the MRI or CT scan room during treatment, it can be the reason of the loss of thousands of rupees. LED lights can spend time of more than 40% with you when we compare them with other traditional lighting options. It means hospitals can give better treatment to the patients under LED lights.

Running Temperature

Incandescent bulbs and CFLs emit a lot of heat and sometimes, more than the light. It increases the temperature inside and therefore, hospitals need to rethink about it. LED lights emit only 5% of heat and therefore, are the best choice for hospitals to keep the room temperature stable and under control.

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