Best Japanese and Bengali Restaurants in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city of technology and people here really need some refreshments after the whole day works. There are some Japanese and Bengali residents who are working in some of the companies here. It’s natural that they will be craving for their own regional food. The good news is there are some best Japanese restaurants in Bangalore for those who search for authentic Japanese dishes. Bengalis do also have good news about Bengali restaurants in Bangalore.

Japanese restaurants

  • 1Q1

This Japanese restaurant is situated in the center of the city. It is filled with Zen Vibe. Their huge menu caters to everyone. You can order Octopus Takoyaki, Chicken Katsu or Tuna Tataki served with Japanese sauces and enhancers or you can actually indulge in a Donburi or Bento Box taking the Japanese dish experience into the next level. The Sushi Roll is famous here.

  • Edo- ITC Gardenia

Want to take your friends to one of the best Japanese restaurants in Bangalore? This is the place you should visit. This restaurants décor is inspired by the Edo era of the history of Japan. This restaurant will literally take your taste buds to Tokyo with their signature dishes and Sakae bombs. Don’t miss their Sashimi platters, oysters and teriyaki chicken to get the authentic taste form Japan. Their extensive Sunday brunches are also exciting for their customers.

  • Sakae

Sakae has already been around since the 2000s and their sushi is something for which people are getting crazy. The best thing is the pocket-friendly prices of their food. Another great part is they claim that they don’t use MSG in their cuisines. That’s why the dishes here are cheaper but healthier. Their 12-piece sushi platter and the pork ramen are great in taste.

Bengali Restaurants

  • Oh Calcutta

If you are looking for prominent Bengali dishes in Bangalore, Oh Calcutta is the place. This restaurant comes on the top of the list of best Bengali restaurants in Bangalore. Their Daab Chingri, Gondhoraj Maach, Smoked Hilsa and Kosha Mangsho will make your tears come out of your eyes if you are working Bengali in Bangalore. It can make you remember your mom’s preparations. These dishes can be taken with steamed rice or luchis. In the end, go for their Nolen Gur ice cream to make your meal complete.

  • Bhojohori Manna

This restaurant’s name is inspired by the famous song by Manna Dey. This place is famous for its traditional serving styles in banana leaf. Their servings can make you feel like Bengali Jomidar (holder of a huge area of lands). Their pocket-friendly meals are truly attractive to customers. Their posts bora, potholer dolma, and mutton biryani are true love for Bengalis.

  • Esplanade

Starting from fish fry to Mutton Dak Bungalow every Bengali dish here can make you say ‘Why did not I come here before?’. Their cholar dal, kacha Lanka murgi, doi potol, daab chingri are truly mouthwatering. End your meal with famous rosogolla and payes from Bengal.

Don’t wait anymore, get to your nearest Japanese and Bengali restaurants and make your taste buds get more experienced with new tastes.

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