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What is Bigout
Bigout is a type of cream known as a skin detoxifer. It is used exclusively for the treatment of the inflammatry arthritic condition known as GOUT.

The extreme pain and discomfort of gout is caused by the formation of urate crystals. This remarkable cream works by being absorbed into the skin and breaking down these crystals. The result is elimination of pain and the restoration of normal function to the joint or joints affected.


How to use:



Only a small bead of Bigout is required and should be applied directly to the affected area. Remove any excess with a dry towel or tissue . Excellent results are seen where the cream is applied two to three times a day, including at night before retiring to bed. If pain allows, rub the cream into the affected area well.

Bigout is approved by the Therapuetic Goods Administration of Australia and is proudly manufactured in Australia.

Bigout cream should be in the arsenal of anyone who suffers from Gout.


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