How to calculate packaging weightage

Today we have every type of packaging facility available in the market. Every type of facility in the packaging comes with innovation and people start getting awareness about the packaging. No one of us knows the exertion and efforts of the people who take part in developing new ideas in the field of packaging. Packaging starts with the different type of kinds of stuff like corrugated, cardboard, etc. all of these kinds of stuff can be used by packaging solutions according to the demand of the company or buyer.  Packaging is not that easy as it looks likes. We all know covering of the product is easy for everyone but its manufacturing is not easy at all. The alignments of design and the patterns of the design never easy to make if you are not expert. However, people have made it easy for everyone by bringing them to see how it works and how they assemble the boxes. OXO Packaging is one of those companies which give you the insight of this business to let you know more about the packaging industry. That is why whole USA believe in OXO Packaging and it is not easy to make a solid image on the market. Just like those people who are working in the CPG Industry know the value of packaging.

Let us tell you about the weight of the packaging how you can calculate its weight. Measure the width, length, height of the shipping box in inches. You need to multiply its width, length and height of the box to calculate in cubic inches of the volume. We can quote you its example here:

If the box is 20 inches wide, 24 inches long and 16 inches high then the volume would be (20) (24) (16) = 7,680 cubic inches.

Measure the width, length, and height of the object that you are shipping in inches if:

The object is not an accurate rectangle, let’s take the average width and length. For instance, if the object is 10 inches at its hugest point and 6 inches at its smallest point, use 8 inches for the width. If you are wrapping the product or object in a bubble wrap, take these measurements after you wrap it.

Multiply the width, length and height to know the volume of the product or object you are sending by shipping.

For instance, if the object is about 8 inches big, 15 inches long and 10 inches high then the volume is about (8)(15)(10)=1200 cubic inches.

Subtract the volume of the object or product from the volume of the container to know the packaging volume:

For instance, if the box is 7680 cubic inches and the object is 1200 cubic inches then the packaging volume is 7,680 – 1,200 = 6,480 cubic inches.

Change cubic inches to cubic feet by dividing by 1,728:

For instance, 6,480 cubic inches is equal to 3.75 cubic feet. This is the volume of packaging peanut or the packing material that you should buy.

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