Check Out The Frequently Asked Questions On Manual Handling

Check Out The Frequently Asked Questions On Manual Handling

Many people think that Manual Handling Training Courses are a complete waste of time and money. There is nothing to teach about lifting a simple box. However, it is a wrong perception as around the world almost 1 million people face professional hazards due to manhandling at the workplace. In this area of hi-tech technologies, there are some sectors that need manual handling and proper training is the only way to stay safe throughout the process.

Many people have questions regarding the Manual Handling Training Courses. Check out the most asked questions here so that you can take your decision without any worry.

What is manual handling?

Manual handling means moving, pushing, pulling, lifting lowering, carrying an object from one place.

Why people do manual handling at the workplace?

It is simply because certain production industries have specific requirements to move, carry, push, pull or lift the objects like boxes of produced or raw materials.

Why Manual Handling Training Courses are important?

The main reason people need the Manual Handling Training Courses is a risk assessment. During the process, most people don’t follow the right posture to minimize the physical damage and as a result, they hurt their back or any other joints. Following the right manner provide those injuries and increase efficiency.

Who is the registered manual handling training provider?

A registered trainer can be an individual or a company that holds the license by qualifying by their quality assurance procedures so that they can train other people about proper manual handling.

Is an online manual handling course is as effective as real-time?

Although the Health and Safety Authority has provided the manual handling guidelines along with the framework, real-time training is always better than the online. When you will hire the physical trainer, he/she will ensure that all the employees must follow the right posture but the online courses will show you only but there is no verification whether you are following them in the right way or not.

Is there any no lifting policy in manual handling?

As per the rules of manual handling, there is no ‘no lifting’ policy but you have to take certain precautions during the process. Lifting depends on the individual capability and weight of the product. It is better not to exceed the capability and use the appropriate gear for that. If required ask for assistance from your colleagues.

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