Common Mistakes to Avoid When sourcing for an Office Coffee Machine

With coffee being the go-to drink for many office workers, providing a great cup of coffee for your staff will serve several advantages. However, before making the final decision of purchasing a coffee machine for the office, there are a few things to consider to ensure that you make the best possible decision.

Having been in the business of supplying coffee machines to offices for years, has revealed some of the essential points to consider and the common mistakes to avoid.

1. Buying based on Price of coffee machine

Going by the classic adage, “buy cheap buy twice”, there is the need for business owners to understand that low priced office coffee machines are not necessarily the best financial investment as they are prone to damage in a short while. If you’ve not had a coffee machine in the office before, it is important that you consider speaking to a representative from Pure Bean for the needed advice to make the best possible machine which affords both convenience and efficiency.

2. No Mains Water Connection

With coffee containing approximately 98 percent of water, there is the need to ensure that the coffee machine of choice is one that allows for ease of water feeding. Machines that are not connected to the mains water are prone to a major defect known as lime-scale which is an additional work for employees and may additionally affect the final taste of the coffee brew. Choosing bean to cup machines or any other office coffee machines should be done with proper consideration for its support for mains water connection. When connecting your coffee machine to the mains water, be sure to also get a commercial filter capable of removing lime scale to improve the taste, hygiene and cleanliness.

3. Can your staff operate the machine?

Most often than not, employers make the mistake of purchasing a high end coffee machine like the Barista which comes with multiple arms and functions. While this coffee machine may appear good and pleasing to the eyes, the major question is whether or not the employees, for whom the coffee machine was purchased, can operate the machine appropriately. Choosing a coffee machine should be based on the functions and ease of use instead of how sophisticated the machine appears to be.

4. Milk type: Fresh or Freeze Dried

One of the commonest mistakes made when choosing a coffee machine for the business space is forgetting to consider the type of milk fed into the machine. Coffee machines that require fresh milk come with a lot of maintenance requirement as the coffee machine will demand daily cleaning to ensure the highest level of hygiene. Choosing a coffee machine that makes use of skimmed granulated milk or dairy will make the maintenance as simple as possible.

5. Top up the coffee

One of the other common mistakes is the coffee top up. While employers think this is as easy as popping into a local shop to get a coffee bag and refill the office coffee machine, it is not as simple as this. This is because each coffee blend is unique and requires an adequate set-up to ensure that the best brew is produced. A lot of consideration has to be made with respect to the grinds, throws and tamping to ensure that the right brew is achieved.

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