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Number of WhatsApp users cross 40 million in India, hard competition from TikTok


The WhatsApp company WhatsApp has become more than 40 million users in India. In a program organized in Whatsapp organized in National Capital, on Thursday, the company’s spokesperson said that there are 40 million users in India with every guarantee. Two years ago, there were around 200 million WhatsApp users in India.

The number of users of the company has increased by 100% in two years. There are about 45 million smartphone users in India. This means that about 90 percent of smartphone users use WhatsApp.

There is no doubt that currently, no company in India is competing with Facebook, but the mobile application of Chinese company ByteDance TikTok is expanding rapidly. There are about 12 million Tikak in India. People associated with this field believe that this company is giving competition to Facebook and Facebook also has a good sense of it.

Whatsapp will remain without desktop version, without working

Facebook-owned company Whatsapp is working on the desktop version of its app so that users can access the messaging app on their PC without connecting their mobile to the Internet.

The web version of the app was launched by WhatsAp in 2015. Through this chat can be monitored on the computer, but for its use, users have to first add their phones through the Internet.

Trustworthy Watersappers Leaker Account WABTinfo reported on Twitter on Friday that the company can develop a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. The company is also working on a new multi-platform system, which will work even when your phone is closed.

According to reports, in addition to WhatsAp is working on a multiplayer platform, with the help of which users will be able to access their chats and profiles through multiple devices at the same time.

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