5 Ways To Have More Appealing Custom Boxes For Product Packaging

You just got a new order and you have the right product with you. The customer liked your product and ordered at once. Now everything is fine, you did the right marketing, your website is up to date, and you have the right product. All set!

Now that the order has to be sent to the customer, how would you send it? Just like it is or you will pack it in one nice package? You need the product to be safe during the journey, and arrive at the customer’s door just the way it is. When they open it, everything has to be intact and perfect.

Here is when custom boxes save you and give the customer a good UN-boxing experience. Custom printed boxes not only protect your product but also enhance your brand’s image for the customer. But when can do more to make those custom boxes impressive and better in order to make the customer remember you. You can customize your custom boxes through a variety of ways to make it more appealing and admiring for the customer.

Here, We Give You 5 Ways To Have More Appealing Custom Boxes.

Printed Boxes

Instead of simple plain boxes, you can use printed boxes to make them more customized and appealing. No need to spend a lot of money on it. Luckily, printing doesn’t disturb your budget. But will custom printed box, you can add value to your product.

You can put your logo on it or have the product description written on it. When you put your logo on your custom box, you actually make everyone who comes across the box, aware of your brand.

Not only that, but the product description also gives an extra edge to your delivery. You can even have the brand’s stamps made up. There are plenty of ways you can use printing as an effective marketing tool thus making your custom boxes more appealing.


Colors might sound common but it is an effective way of representing your brand in the most appealing way. If you have a company and you want the world to know it, choose some things that must be associated with your company alone. Like make a good logo, a moto, and choose a color. If you have a color, you would use that on your custom boxes.

Now, the color makes your brand unique and recognizable. People start knowing and telling others about your brand just because of the colors you have on your custom boxes. Take the signature color of your company to the next level and make it visible on each of your custom boxes. You can even use that color inside the box, in your inserts, the tissue papers, the color of inner packing etc.

Unusual Materials

It’s really tempting to use fancy ribbons and papers. But the same effect can be achieved with low budget materials. The creativity matters the most when you want to use the material in a different and better way.

Don’t limit yourself in terms of materials, think beyond the materials you have available at the packaging shop. You will come across a variety of stuff to be used for the box, and you will think of a variety of ways to use them. All it needs is a bit of creativity and innovation. Here is the list of materials that you can get on cheap rates and use wonderfully in your custom boxes:

  • Wallpaper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wool
  • Butcher paper
  • Old hiking maps
  • Twine


Imagine you ordered something and it came in a box with a message inside for you. Wouldn’t that be interesting for you?

An addition of an insert makes the UN-boxing experience for the customer more interesting and innovative. Inserts are very good tactics that result in increasing the chances of re-ordering, earning loyalty and trust from the customer and on the bright side, they don’t cost much.

You could just use a card, or simple cardboard paper to write a message or a note for the customer. You can print hundreds of them at once to keep them as a template. You can write on it with a beautiful handwriting.

The handwritten note strategy has been proven to be very much effective and productive. Many online retailers have said that they had success with it. It is totally up to you to that what you write in it and how you design it. Again, your creativity matters the most. Sometimes, just writing the name of the customer works better than anything.


OK, not to put them everywhere but it is observed that stickers give a better look to custom boxes when they are delivered to the customer. You can have your brand related stickers made also. You can put them on your boxes in many ways.

You can use them in the place of tape, you can do designing with them or you can paste them somewhere where the customer finds the surprisingly. All in all, stickers give an appealing look to your custom boxes thus making them more interesting and effective.

While all of these ideas are fun and effective, do consider what their durability. They must be intact when the customer receives it. The custom box shouldn’t be turned into the trash. So, while using any material, make sure it reaches the customer the way you expect it to.