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Soul Marketplace is fundamentally, a marketplace where anyone can buy practically anything their soul’s desire. We provide our customers the opportunity to get exceptional deals on many different items.

What is Soul Marketplace?

Soul Marketplace is an online marketplace for buying items. Our users buy practically anything. We allow our customers to ‘make offers’ on certain products and instanteously know if their offer was accepted. It ensures that our customers get some of the best deals on the web!

How do I make an offer?

Enter an amount into the field you’d like to offer. Agree to pay if we accept your offer. Upon acceptance it will automatically be added to your cart. When you’re done shopping, click “Checkout” on your cart to see the items you’ve added.

Payment type (Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover)
Shipping options
Quantity of items
Total offer price

Why Can’t I See or Edit a field (TBD)

Here are some of the reasons that different offer parameters might not have the edit link show up next to them:

Item Quantity. If there’s only one of the item, no quantity edit link will show up.
Shipping vs. Pickup. If you live near the business that is offering the product, you will see if they offer the option of picking up the product at their retail location when you get to the check-out process and select “pick-up” during the purchase process.
Offer Price. If no items in the offer have been set as negotiable by the seller, you cannot change the offer price.

What are the Steps Involved with the Checkout Process? (TBD)

1. See a summary of items you’ve added to your cart. Modify your cart as desired. Make Offer products remain at list price unless/until you enter an offer that is accepted.

2. (Only applicable to Guests ) Provide contact information so that the we can contact you about the offer

3. Provide shipping information

4. Pay for your offer with Visa/MasterCard option

5. Offer complete

Contact Us

Soul Marketplace UK LTD

International House
12 Constance Street
United Kingdom

01394 825763

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