Disaster Recovery Providers Help Companies Stay In Business

Most companies have a plan to deal with unforeseen problems, but many do not have an idea about surviving a peak of activity, such as an earthquake or a pandemic. Undoubtedly, most of the companies do not test such an event and face destructive consequences when a disaster hit. In comparison, the companies that do test these activities and have a business recovery plan – designed for their specific needs by disaster recovery services Malaysia cannot close quickly.

The reality of data loss

Since the beginning of the organized business, companies have used the critical information to help them achieve sales. In the past time, this information was stored as shared knowledge or stored on physical archiving systems. Today, it’s mostly stored on computers that simplify data storage, but it can be more vulnerable to corruption than physical files. For example, studies have shown that most readers fail when they fall from a height of three feet and the tape cartridges stop performing their functions.

The solution is not to restore data on actual file backup systems, but to store it externally on disaster recovery servers. What is the importance of storing data of the site? Consider the following statistics: After a significant loss of data, 70% of small businesses close in less than a year. The same can happen to large companies when a significant event of data is destroyed on the site, and no recovery plan is in place.

Choose a supplier

The first step is to choose disaster recovery services in Malaysia to realize that your disaster recovery plan goes beyond simply storing data offsite. Many companies offer cloud storage, but few of them combine cloud storage with a full set of recovery options. With this in mind, companies should focus on evaluating service providers by offering the following options as part of a recovery plan:

On-Demand Devices – When the event destroys enterprise hardware, the external data store is only part of the solution. The company also needs data recovery devices until a durable solution is found.

Recovery Test – Given the severity of data loss, the company should test the recovery plan before it goes into effect. The test should be performed using equipment that the company will apply if the plan is implemented.

Solutions based on centers – Some companies need an integrated space to test and/or implement a recovery plan. The supplier must meet this requirement.

Basic and Advanced Options – Because the needs of different companies vary, the provider must offer advanced and straightforward options that meet the requirements of each customer.

These options provide organizations with a testable and sustainable recovery plan complete with on-demand hardware that anticipates the needs of the recovery environment.

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