DJkit Announces First UK Shipments of MWM’s New DVS Essential and DVS Ultimate Controllers


The UK’s leading name in high-end hardware for discerning professionals is proud to announce the imminent launch of two new and hotly anticipated controllers. Unveiled earlier this year, the all-new DVS Essential and DVS Ultimate Controllers are set to touch down at DJkit in just a few weeks’ time.

These incredible devices look set to revolutionise turntablism for discerning DJs and performers worldwide. Once again, DJkit has gained privileged access to the UK’s very first shipment, with deliveries set to commence as of November 28. For full product information or to secure your unit while stocks last, head over to DJkit at the following address:

A Guaranteed Game-Changer

“The same way Mixfader did, Phase comes as one of the major technological advances in turntablism. Phase offers to DJs the possibility to explore new grounds, breaking down all the obstacles between them and their performance. Two years after the release of Mixfader, the world’s first wireless crossfader, MWM announces the preorders opening of its new DJ innovation. Once again, the company disrupts djing codes introducing Phase, which allows to control tracks playing from a DJ software without using cartridge or timecode control vinyl. Phase might very well establish a brand-new standard for turntablism.” – MWM

In both instances, the DVS Essential and DVS Ultimate Controllers have been designed to radically and permanently transform the world of new-generation turntablism. Pioneering technology ensures that even the smallest rotation movements are detected, before being received and processed by the software in real-time. Never before has the professional DJ had such precise control over every sound in every situation.

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