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It is a natural inclination of every business owner to partner with vendors that are close to his location. This tendency is closely related with the human nature, which always chooses the comfort of familiarity over the risk of uncertainty. However, to maximize outsourcing benefits, one has to look at the greater good i.e. a reduction in the operational cost. This can only be done if you are ready to outsource your business operation to a country that has an inferior currency than yours.

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How to Maximize Cost Advantage with Minimum Risk?

Outsourcing to just about any vendor that offers maximum cost advantage may sound like a good proposition, but it is definitely not. It is always best to outsource customer service while keeping in mind the different dynamics that go hand-in-hand with a call center operation. Have a look at some of these factors:

  1. Reputation in the market – The biggest reason why reputation matters in an outsourced customer care operation is because it guarantees the safety of your customers’ data. The bigger the reputation of a company, the more focus it will have on safeguarding your data. A reputed outsourcing company realizes that if the data gets compromised, it will not be able to attract new clients. 
  2. Hiring procedure – Call center agents require certain basic skills and talent for proper execution of their tasks. Therefore, your outsourced customer service provider needs to have a competent HR department. Without the right appointments, the standards of your call center operation will dip considerably and you won’t be able to lift them easily. You will always be struggling with trainings and re-trainings, and your outsourced call center operation will never reach the heights you anticipated.
  3. Scalability – While a call center that you partner with may have the resources to address your present needs, it is the future requirements that you should always keep in mind. Partnering with a capable vendor that can add new resources to your existing outsourced customer care operation can help you stay assured about your requirements in the near future. Countries like India have abundant supply of call center talent. Choosing a vendor located in India is a good option to ensure scalability.
  4. Enforcement of call center etiquettes – There are many call center etiquettes that should be enforced diligently for maintaining good relationships with customers. For example, hold protocol should be used whenever the call is put on hold. Customers should be given timely reminders about the progress of their case, so they do not find themselves isolated for long periods of time. It is very much possible that agents may not use such etiquettes when left unsupervised. Hence, you need strong and diligent leadership for enforcing the etiquettes properly.
  5. Infrastructure – All the basic amenities should be provided to agents, so they can maintain a high level while delivering customer services. Facilities like ample space to sit, speedy computer systems, quality headphones and a cutting-edge CRM are absolute must for ensuring good work from the agents.

When you search your outsourced customer service partner while keeping these dynamics in mind, you reduce the risk of outsourcing. You no longer have to search for call centers near me as you already know all the things that you needed to know. This knowledge makes the outsourcing vendor familiar to you despite being a long distance away.

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