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Business in the Clouds

Many businesses in North America are turning to cloud-based solutions for their IT networks. These managed solutions are cost-effective, because the service provider bears the cost of equipment, like servers, and IT expertise to run the network.So if your business in Canada has different geographic locations, the cloud network makes it easy to update software all at once across all locations. This saves time and requires less manpower than an office-by-office solution.There are also security benefits to a cloud-based system. A service provider will generally have far greater security of information in its system that a small or medium-size business can do on its own. And if it needs to update the security settings of a client’s computer network to meet a new hacking or “ransomware” threat, it can do this automatically.
Currently, in North America, the majority of ransomware attacks (where someone takes control of your computer network and ransoms it back to you, so you don’t lose all your critical data) is largely aimed at small businesses, so having strong protection is a must.
Canada and the United States are two of the wealthiest and most highly developed nations in the world. They must be considered as potential markets by any Italian or other European business looking to expand their footprint globally.
The two nations are leaders in developing the information technology (IT) used to boost productivity and profitability of businesses worldwide. Anyone looking to expand to Canada or the U.S. must make use the latest IT technology to become competitive in this hot market.Here are some ways that IT services will help you penetrate the Canadian and U.S. markets.Bigger Than You Seem
New IT is making it easier for small businesses to appear much larger than they really are – this is an important benefit for new businesses starting up in Canada, who want to measure up quickly against established competition.For example, telecommunications providers allow companies to cut the cords of their traditional desk phones, providing wireless communications that enable workers to do their jobs everywhere, while staying connected to the office and its network with full functionality.
The mobile phone systems are scalable – so it’s easy to add lines during peak seasons – and enable workers to travel and telework. Video-conferencing innovations such as Skype can enable meetings without travel, saving time and money.

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