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Since Airbnb,, Homeaway, and Wimdu involved in the market, people get attracted in this process and day by day it attracts more and more people. This market provides every customer in the world to make additional money with their home. Nevertheless, it’s not that simple. We know that customer’s home is almost the most essential thing. Putting your property on short term rental can be a tough choice! That’s why you need to know the core five practices that help you choose whether or not to place your home on short-term rental.

1. Check the laws of your local short-term rental market

Every city has its own laws when it comes to a short-term rental. In London, there are now thousands of properties displayed and advertised on websites for use as short-term accommodation. The government decides to add the sharing economy in their politics to give more adaptability and accessibility to help landlords to put their house in a short-term rental.

The main rule to remember in London is that you can only rent your house up to 90 days per year.

At City Relay Air Angels offer advice on all of the local regulations to give full peace of mind to all of their hosts!

2. Choose your Guests

The concept of trust is one of the most important facts when you want to put your property on short let services like Airbnb, Housetrip, and Air Angels, you want to know who your guest is, you do not want to discover your residence overthrown. There are lots of techniques to review your guest profile. You can confirm your guest by checking their Facebook profile, earlier reviews, and by calling him directly to confirm that this person is trustworthy. If you do not want to do all these techniques due to lack of time, you can call Air Angel’s helpline to review the guest you are going to host for short-term rentals. It allows you to profit from Hospitality Experts who take care of your property and will confirm the profile of the potential guests.

3. Set Some Ground Laws

To optimize your property rental you have to strike the right balance. You have to set these six laws to your Airbnb listing…

  • Set the rules of how many extra guests you are going to allow.
  • Did smoking allow or not if allowed where? Set the rules.
  • Off-limit areas of your property.
  • Can guests eat all areas of the home?
  • What are the cleaning procedures, set the rules?
  • Are any pets are allowed or not, set the rules.

4. Choose the Best Value

How do I choose the correct price? Placing a price can be difficult but you could get authentic information from checking out the competition and other listings in your area, travel trends, and the interest people have in the facilities you provide. But if you want to optimize your occupancy and pricing,  Air Angels have their own algorithm that updates your pricing daily to provide you the smartest pricing possible and the best occupancy rate whilst remaining compliant to regulations!

5. Advertise your Property

Discover the best platforms to have the most effective visibility. Air Angels, property management services in London will promote your property on different channels and maintain your reservations.

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