Follow These Christmas Food Superstitions for Good Luck in the New Year

Ever wondered if you should pay attention to those Christmas food superstitions? Is there a simple yet traditional dish you can whip up and throw a little luck into the mix? Follow these recipes for good luck in the near future!

Let’s not Mince Words

Do you like mince pie? Never had it? Mince pies were once known as mincemeat pies. The actual meat is left out of the now completely sweet British Christmas pastry filled with dried fruit. You should give it a try if you want to encourage luck in the New Year.

There’s more than mince in mince pie. Eat as much mince pie as you can from the start of Christmas Eve until the end of the Twelfth night to bring heaping amounts of good luck into the New Year!

christmas food

Put away that knife! An important note to make regarding Christmas food superstitions and mince pie is that cutting it will slice through your luck in the upcoming year. Better to just pick up and bite right into these delectable sweets.

Prefer using a utensil while gaining good luck? Here’s another Christmas food superstition that requires a wooden spoon to mix the good luck into your treat.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Traditionally, all people in the household must stir the pudding with a wooden spoon and view the bottom of the bowl three times. Make a wish with each swirl. Even the youngest baby partakes to help to ensure the entire household prosperity in the coming year. Much like wishing on a star, however, you cannot reveal the content of your wish until it comes true.

traditional Christmas Food

Finally, a silver coin, a thimble and a ring are dropped into the pudding before serving. Christmas food superstitions dictate that the recipient of the coin on his Christmas dinner plate receives luck, whoever gets the thimble gains in prosperity, and finally the ring represents a wedding in the future.

Speaking of Christmas dinner here are a couple of lucky notes to make for your luck’s sake. Make sure you set the table for an even number of people even if you have an odd number of guests (just make sure to round up, not down). Stay at the table until everyone’s finished, because leaving early brings bad luck (doesn’t that one sound like something your mom made up?).

Following these Merry Christmas food superstitions will guarantee your good luck for the coming year and beyond.

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