Get Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Services In Toronto

Get Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Services In Toronto

The kitchen of your home is the part from hygiene is transferred to your family. A neat and clean kitchen leaves positive effects on your health while dirty kitchen can transmit several disease causing agents into your body. That’s why, cleaning of your kitchen is very important. The cabinets in your kitchen are used to store multiple food items in them. They consume less space and offer trendier look to your kitchen. What happen if they become dirty due to continuous usage? Bathreno Gurus offers best kitchen cabinet refinishing services in Toronto. We transform your kitchen’s cabinets into beautiful looking and smooth textured cabinets. The process of kitchen cabinet refinishing involves following steps:

  • Before starting kitchen cabinet refinishing process, we prefer to cover floors, tiles, sinks, counter tops and interior of cabinets.
  • All the existing kitchen cabinet doors and drawers are removed. All the hardware is removed with the help of screwdrivers or drills.
  • All the dust and grime particles are removed.
  • All the cracks, blemishes and caulks are sealed and repaired.
  • On the exterior surface of cabinets a contamination free spray finishing is applied. It gives a glossy furniture grade finish and looks appealing.
  • For coating purposes, high quality acrylic coating is used. Moreover, we use water based and low VOC coatings.
  • We also reinstall all the knobs, handles and locks on the cabinets.

Are you aware of metallic epoxy flooring? It is perfect way to decorate your rooms, kitchen, hallway, restaurants and show rooms. The tiny, glitter like pigments mixed with epoxy resins give a metallic appearance to floorings. The metallic epoxy flooring is trending now a days. It is safe and explosion free. The metallic pigmented floors give a three dimensional glossy look to floor. The metallic epoxy flooring looks unique, elegant and lavish. It is the right choice for your home.


It has following advantages:

  • Resistant to chemicals used on floors
  • Resistant to floor slipping
  • Resistant to microbes
  • Durable
  • Low yellowing
  • Smooth and continuous appearance

Our operators are 24/7 available to resolve your issues. We offer best possible solution for your kitchen refinishing services. Bathreno Gurus saves your time, energy and cost as compared to others competitors in market. You can select color scheme of your own choice. We assure you complete satisfaction of procedure. All the services are affordable and durable. There is a 1 year warranty on all kitchen services by our company. We add beauty to the interior of your home. While working inside your home, our team members pay attention to privacy of your home. The installation techniques used by our expert individuals are of high quality. We use innovative technology to give a new look to your bathroom, kitchen and home.


Bathreno Gurus offers following impactful services to its clients:

  • Bathtub refinishing
  • Kitchen cabinet refinishing
  • Floor tiles refinishing
  • Chips and crack repair
  • Wall tiles refinishing
  • Acrylic wall system
  • Shower doors
  • Epoxy flooring

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