Get Your First Investor Through A Reliable Startup Financial Model Template!

A brilliantly designed startup financial model template in excel is the primary step to lead to a result-oriented discussion with venture capitalists or investors. Such excel model assists business owners and investors to make sound financial decisions and to determine best and worst business scenarios by running different scenario simulations in the model.

Problems Entrepreneurs face when preparing Financial Models for their business plans

· Financial forecasting requires financial modeling know-how in Excel. If an entrepreneur is not used to this, he will find himself being stuck in a very time-consuming exercise. Better to find some guidance and a sparring partner.

· Many entrepreneur lack the interest or expertise in finance/accountancy topics and simply require external help to get up to speed. They normally benefit of working with a template or a person which leads them through the structure of the financial modeling analysis.

· Financial models should be carefully prepared and show an inherent consistency. When presenting investors with incomplete models or analysis, an entrepreneur faces the risk of loosing investor’s interest. Investors expect him to know his figures and business inside out. This is just the prerequisite to entrust somebody with his own money.

Experts like eFinancialModels offer a wide assortment of nicely formatted industry-specific financial model templates in Excel like e.g. the Service as a Softwar SaaS financial model, the mobile app financial business plan template, the solar energy investment model, the manufacturing model, the real estate valuation model, the full-service hospital model, and many more financial modeling examples.

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